Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chattanooga Choo Choo

On December 22nd we picked up Preston at work and headed to Chattanooga. We had reservations for the Christmas Adventure. Once we were checked in to our room, a train car, we headed to see Santa. Logan was happy to see Santa, Nathan grabbed his beard and Owen just cried. It was super cute. After our picture we headed to the train station where we boarded the Polar Express for the North Pole. Logan was so excited and really had a wonderful time. At the North Pole Santa boarded our train and road back to Tennessee with us. Later that night the elves came to tuck Logan in. He had such a big day, he was already asleep. We all had such a wonderful time and I would definitely recommend this little get away to anyone who has little boys who love trains or the Polar Express.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 11

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. I love singing in worship and learning a lot from the teaching. This Sunday was especially nice because Logan sat through the service with me. He was a very good boy. Right now Preston and I seldom go to church together. Nathan and Owen still aren't ready for the nursery so most Sundays I will go to the 8:30 and Preston and Logan will leave for 9:40 Sunday School and 11:00 worship when I get home.

Another highlight of our week happens on Sunday right after church, Sunday afternoon lunch. Every week Preston's Dad (Big House ) and Donna ( DiDi ) bring lunch. It started when the boys first came home from the hospital as a way to meet a need but now it has turned into a wonderful Sunday afternoon tradition. We get delicious veggies from Homewood Dinner and have the best time visiting together. Every Sunday when lunch is finished two seats at the table will empty very quickly. One is always Logan and the other will be DiDi or Big House. If you went looking for them you would usually find one of two sites. Logan listening to DiDi read him a library worth of books on his bed or he and Big House playing cars on his floor. Thank you DiDi and Big House for giving us special time with you every week.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 10

Today's moments of life is brought to you by the Moms. We are very blessed by all the love and support they give us. With very little notice they are able to babysit the little guys, take or drop-off Logan at school, or even have him over for a spend the night party. I do say party because they always entertain him so well that he loves going over. They come to doctor appointments or stop by so I can run to the pharmacy to get some medicine for them. They love all three of our boys and all three of our boys really love them too. Thank you for all you do for our family. You are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Moment of Life Pt 9

Most of the people that impact our lives; parents, grandparents, mentors all provide such an impact because of the wisdom they share with us from their years of living. This wisdom often teaches us how to be a better wife, mother, co-worker and friend. If we are really blessed we find one or two people who will deeply impact our lives spiritually; sharing meaningful scripture, giving advice when needed, and encouraging us in our walk with the Heavenly Father.

I have experienced Philippians 4:6-7, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus".

One of the people who has so deeply impacted my life is my daughter, Mia. Though Mia's time on earth was brief, her impact was incredible. I am forever changed, for the better, because my walk with the Heavenly Father is much stronger. He filled my heart with a peace that only He can provide when He took her home to be with Him. I am very thankful that God did what was best for Mia, proving once again that He loves His children and knows what is best. I have learned so much about trusting and waiting upon the Lord. Honestly, I can't think of anything much worse than the death of your own child. God never left my side and continues to stand strong next to me, well actually holding me up, today. It was so humbling to have prayers lifted up for our family around the world because of Mia's short life. The fellowship of the believer was so real and alive to us...it still leaves us speechless today. Mia has provided me with the greatest gift of all, drawing me closer to God. As the Ray Boltz song (yes, I am really old to remember and like this song) says, "Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed". I thank God for forever changing my life through Mia.

Logan's School Christmas Party

Yesterday Logan had his class party at school. Since the party was at 9am, we decided to go with breakfast food instead of cake and other sweets. We had waffles with ALL the fixings. The kids really had a great time eating their breakfast. Each member of the class brought a gift for the classroom, which I thought was a great idea. They also made gifts for their parents and gave Ms Traci gifts too. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Pictures of the Week

Nathan trying to eat the baby biscuits. He is great at getting it in his mouth and biting it off, but he hates it once it is in there.
Logan at Vestavia Barber Shop getting his hair cut.
Getting around Children's Hospital with all three kids. Two in a stroller and one in a wagon.
Preston and I with our 3D glasses on watching The Chronicles of Narnia.
Our Christmas Tree, complete with Logan's tree topper.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Famous Babies

Nathan and Owen are in the December edition of Birmingham Magazine. They are in the advertisement for Alabama Fertility Specialist along with their cousin Cooper. Logan is not in the picture because he had class at Samford that day. Owen is in the doctor's hands on the left wearing the green shirt and Nathan is in the doctor's hands on the right wearing a white shirt. Cooper is next to Owen wearing a lighter green shirt.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 8

Today's Moments of Life is brought to us by the Comer Family. The Comer family selflessly opened their home to us November 2009 - March 2010. They turned their finished basement into an area just for our family. They packed up their music room and turned it into Logan's bedroom. They got extra toys for Logan to play with along with Sarah and James sharing all their own toys. When I was on bed-rest before Preston's return Kristen watched Logan as if he were her own, taking him with her, giving him baths and brushing his teeth and even finding him a good school and enrolling him. Once the boys were born they were very supportive and watch Logan almost every night once he fell asleep so we could do our nightly rounds. If he ever happened to wake up they were there to comfort him. If we had not been at their house, we would not have been able to see our little boys as often. Kristen also opened her closet to me. Most of my clothes were left in China, so it was so nice to have lots of close to choose from... not to mention I was very stylish. Thank you so much for all you have done for us, Comer Family.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Logan's Field Trip

On Monday I chaperoned Logan's field trip to the Riverchase Galleria to see Santa, ride the merry-go-round and eat Chick-Fil-A. The trip was so much fun. All the kids had a great time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Self Portraits!!!!!

Logan took these pictures of himself on my iphone.

Trying the sippy cups

Recently I tried Nathan and Owen on their sippy cups to see how they would do with them. I am not sure much of the juice got in their mouth but they did seem to enjoy them. Nathan especially loved chewing on his cup. Soon we will get some sippy cups from their OT. They are a straw cup with a button to bring up the liquid up the straw.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 7

Today's moments of life is brought to you from my friend, Sarah. Over the past year Sarah has shown me the true meaning of friendship. She has inspired me and challenged me through her selfless actions. Last Thanksgiving when Nathan was so sick Sarah came and sat with us in the parenting room at Brookwood. When Nathan was readmitted to the hospital last March, once he was settled in the NICU, I went to fill out all the admitting papers. Sarah met me in the hallway and stayed with me for a while. The boys usually have some therapy or helmet appointments on Wednesday afternoon. Sarah watches Logan for me so he does not have to go to the appointments and meets me at church with Logan. When the boys were sick with RSV, Sarah brought us dinner the very next day, just so I would not have to worry about cooking. Sarah runs with me at 6:00 am, goes to painting classes with me and is always up for some fun with our two families.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 6

This moments is brought to you by the boy's pediatrician, Dr Stacey. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful doctor to care for the boys. She is very on top of everything with their medical care. She is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. When Owen was so sick last week she called to check up on him, on her day off. If anyone is looking for a new pediatrician, I would recommend Dr Stacey Gilbert at Mayfair Medical in Homewood.

The boys had their one year appointment on Tuesday. They are both doing very well. They are on their own growth curve and are charting nicely. We got the go ahead and are now starting to eat table food. Owen is 16 pounds and Nathan is 15 pounds 8 ounces.

Nathan' s eye surgery

Nathan's eye surgery is rescheduled from December 15th to January 5th. Since he has been sick this past week the anesthesiologist wanted him to be well at least 4 weeks before surgery. During his surgery they will detach and reattach his eye muscle in a different place so that his eyes do not cross. This is an outpatient procedure at Children's Hospital.

Moments of Life Pt 5

Today's Moments of Life is brought to us by Preston. I am very thankful every day that the Father blessed our family with him. His love for God and leading our family to love and serve Him is his top priority. He is so great with the boys and they really love him. Nathan's and Owen's faces light up when they see or hear him and Logan runs to him and gives him a huge hug. A little while ago Logan told me, "Mom, your my best friend but my Dad is my REALLY (he put a lot of emphasis on ths word) best friend." I am so thankful Logan's REALLY best friend is a man with such character and integrity. Preston is a wonderful husband; my best friend. He is always there for every person in our family listening, sharing our burdens and trying to lighten our load. Thank you for waking this journey of life with me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 4

This evening we sat down as a family, yes all five of us, and looked through the electronic Samaritan's Purse Catalog. We went through each opportunity with Logan talking over each of them. We watched all the videos to help him get a better understanding of the needs in the world. When we got to the thirteenth page of the catalog, he saw a boat. He patiently watched and listened to all the other options, but in the end the boat was what really interested him. We then prayed for the person who would receive the boat.

Samaritan's purse is a wonderful organization that helps people in need all around the world; sharing the gospel both physically and spiritually. As you finish all of your Christmas shopping in these next few weeks, I ask you to look through this catalog and give a gift to those who are truly in need.
Samaritan's Purse 2010 Christmas Catalog

Moments of Life Pt 3

Every morning when I get Owen out of bed I sing a little song I made up just for him. His name is included several times, which he knows, and he gives me the biggest smile. I just love it. Just like his brother, he is a true walking miracle with a wonderful story of how God saved his life over and over. This story is not just one of his past but one God is writing in Owen's life every day. We feel blessed that he is a part of our family. From the beginning, his first few days in the NICU, he has shown us his spunky, fun personality. His personality is very contagious and we can't wait to see how God shapes his life. Thankfully I am blessed with the title of Mommy, so I will be able to see the great sculpting work God will be doing in Owen's life.

Moments of Life Pt 2

Today's Moments of Life is brought to us by Logan. Logan is an incredible joy and blessing in our lives. When God blessed us with him over four years ago we had no idea just how wonderfully enriched he would make our lives. We now better understand the love of the Father to us, His children.

It is amazing to see God working in Him, calling him to be one of His own. Some of my most treasured time with Logan is reading his nightly Bible story, reading a Veggie Tale Book or watching a movie about God. Logan has a great gift of laughter. Just yesterday Preston wrote a hilarious e-mail to one of his friends. As we were reading it together and laughing Logan jumped up on my lap, pretended to read the e-mail and laughed and laughed. Logan also shares a great love for music. Last night I asked him if he wanted to go and listen to some music at Dawson. He very excitedly said yes. He ate his dinner right away, put on his socks, shoes and jacket and was ready to go. As I sat in the pew holding Logan in my lap, both of us listening so intently as not to miss a single word or note, I was just reminded of how great and glorious our Heavenly Father is and what a precious gift I am holding in my arms.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moments of Life Pt 1

Over the Christmas season, I want to purposefully find the extraordinary moments and gifts from God in every day life. When I look at each of my children, at their precious faces, I see the wonderful, loving Holy Father who to my amazement blessed me beyond words with these precious little lives. Today my extraordinary moments are provided by Nathan. Nathan does not meet the developmental milestones of others his age, nor will he for quite some time. But Nathan has a story, a testimony, of how God miraculously intervened to save him over and over and over. Nathan has seen and continues to see first hand how God has saved his life, provided him hearing, given him one of the most beautiful smiles ever, and tight hugs that can melt anyone's heart. Nathan will be able to share the story of God in his life to so many people and has already been used to change people's lives through the prayers and growth in prayer lives. In seeing Nathan, I see God and His Almighty power. I am thankful to be a Mom to this extraordinary little boy, Nathan.


Both Owen and Nathan become sick earlier this week. They are starting to feel better, but are still pretty under the weather. It started with Owen having a temp of 103 on Wednesday night and Nathan having a temp of 101. Nathan's temp left Thursday morning but Owen kept his temp until Saturday. Thankfully neither have fevers any longer. After a visit to the pediatrician on Thursday Owen was put on breathing treatments. They are really helping him. RSV, their sickness, usually takes about 2 weeks to fully recover. We are taking it easy this week and staying at home most of the time. We canceled many of our appointments both fun and doctor to allow us to have a good time of recovery.The Panda is the nebulizer.


The weekend before Thanksgiving we went to Preston's Aunt Christie's house in Selma. We had a great time visiting with tons of family. Logan really loved hanging out with Preston's cousin, Hannah and Nathan and Owen loved their special time with Michele.For Thanksgiving we went to Ranae and Philip's house for several days. On Thanksgiving Day we watch the parade, Preston and I got to go for a nice run and then had a great Thanksgiving lunch. My parents and Philip's parents joined us. The food and company were both great. We watched the iron bowl together on Friday. Nathan and Owen enjoyed playing with their cousin Cooper.

Logan's Thanksgiving Party

Miss Traci's Pilgrams (Logan's class) and Miss Suzette's Indians came together for a feast to celebrate Thanksgiving. They all had a wonderful time together.

More Posts are coming soon!!!!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post anything lately. I have been wanting to get all my pictures downloaded for my posts and just have not found the time yet. I am hoping today I will find the time needed to get some of those pictures downloaded.

What??, you may ask is keeping me so busy.
Most of it is good stuff: decorating our bushes outside with Christmas lights, putting up the tree in our house, hanging our beautiful wreath (made by my sister, Ranae) on our door, making preparations for Logan's 3rd annual cookie party (all donations go to Samaritan's Purse Feed A Hungry Baby for a Week Program. Logan has raised over $700 the last two parties), Thanksgiving celebrations and travel, playing and therapizing (yes I did make up that word) with all three of my boys. (Logan likes to have therapy done on him too.), writing thank you notes from the boys birthday and beginning to start my Christmas cards, watching late night movies with Preston (we finally watched the Blind Side on Wednesday night when we were trying to stay up late to monitor Nathan and Owen's breathing).
The not good stuff we have been working with lately: Nathan and Owen are both sick. They believe they may have RSV. Thankfully they have had two rounds of synagis shots, so they have some medicine in them that is helping them. Their fevers are gone!!!! Owen had a fever for about 4 straight days. Owen is definitely worse and getting better. Owen is on a nebulizer and I am probably going to call tomorrow morning to see if Nathan can get on one. He is starting to wheeze a little and cough more.

So come back soon for lots more blog posts!!!!