Sunday, September 28, 2014

Update on Owen

Owen is having a great year at school.  He loves having Miss Katie, Mrs Mary Jo, Mrs Melanie and Mrs Patsty as his teachers again this year.  I am glad he has such a great teaching crew that he loves and that love him too.

This spring Owen began receiving weekly massages.  They have been so good for him and he really enjoys them.  I tease him and tell him that one of these days I am going to tell him to scoot over so I can get a massage too.

Owen is enjoying football season.  He loves attending Samford football games.  So far we have only been to one but have several more on the calendar.

Owen is doing so well using the potty.  My goal is to have him totally potty trained this year, and I think it is quite an attainable goal.

Sadly we had some outpatient therapist turnover.  We will miss Miss Lauren, Miss Melissa and Miss Kelli. These therapist have been with Nathan and Owen for years.  We are excited about the new opportunities that each of them are experiencing.  We are exciting to start new speech therapy with Miss Lynn this week and are eagerly waiting for a new occupation therapist.   We do have the same awesome 4 therapist at school.  They work so well with the boys and have educated me on tons of good information on the needs of each boy, special spoons, etc.  We are so blessed!

Owen started a new medication one week ago.  About one year ago Owen had a big regression.  After observing him for a few months we had a 24 hour EEG done and at CT scan.  Owen's brain looked good and his EEG showed a lot of electrical spiking on the communication centers of his brain.  At that time his neurologist decided not to do anything and see him again in 6 months.  When we went for our 6 month check up, he decided to stay with the same plan.  Four days later we went to see the boys physiatrist and he felt it as important to try Owen on a seizure medication to help calm all the electrical spiking in his brain in hopes that Owen will regain all of his previous abilities.  We are only one week in to the we will let you know how it goes.  He does seem to be saying more words lately.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Update on Logan

Logan is enjoying everything.  He loves school.  Today James Spann came to his class and he was on the news.  He loves being famous!  We will take our first Fieldtrip to the National Weather Service next week. I am excited about going.

Logan is taking gymnastics this year.  He absolutely loves it.

A few weeks ago Logan and I went on a fun date: Panera, Sonic and ice skating. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Updates on Nathan

Nathan really enjoys his time at school every day.  He loves his classmates, teachers and just learning in general. He is writing his name with very little help, uses his little computer to hold simple, but meaningful conversations and uses his pointer finger to show you what he wants.  He loves watching the school bus go through the carpool line every afternoon. 

He is working hard on eating independently.  

He enjoys sliding down the hill at the Samford football game too.

Nathan also enjoyed the Lethal Beauty exhibit at the museum of art.

He recently had his 6 month check-up with his physiatrist and everything is looking great.  We are going to get him a new prosthetic for his right arm.  Now that he is growing, he has out grown his first one.  A longer one should help with floor sitting and balance.