Monday, August 30, 2010

Logan's First Day of School

Monday was Logan's first day of school. He loves his teacher, Miss Traci, and had a wonderful first few days. We are looking forward to a great year. I was able to sign up to be a room mother for Logan's class this year. I am excited I will be able to have an active role in his class. This year along with continuing to work on his letters, numbers, colors, shapes and handwriting, Logan will also be learning sign language.Disclaimer: Logan does not sit in the front seat. He sits in his car seat on the third row of the van. After we were parked to drop off for carpool, I let him climb in the front seat to get out.I will get some pictures of the inside of his class and post them soon.

Fun time with family

My cousin Jenni and her family, husband Paul and daughters Olivia and Elina, came for a visit from Michigan this weekend!!!! They came for my nephew Cooper to be baptized at OLV. Logan had the best time playing with his cousins.

On Saturday afternoon, we attended my nephew's baptism and the the reception afterward at my parents house.
Owen slept for a good bit of the party. Near the end my Dad volunteered to watch Owen while he was still sleeping. I did not want to leave him alone for long because he was upstairs in my parents room and Owen cries so softly it is very hard to hear him, if you are not nearby. After a while this is how I found my dad and Owen. Too cute!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

4 Generations

My Grandma Elaine is nearing the end of a ten day visit from Michigan. She made this special trip down to visit her three newest grandsons: Nathan, Owen and Cooper. All the boys have enjoyed getting to know their Great-Grandma. Yesterday we headed to Portrait Innovations and made a four generation picture. I am excited to have a copy of this special occasion.

Friday, August 20, 2010


On Tuesday the boys had there 9 month appointment. Nathan is 23 inches, 12 pounds 15 ounces. Owen is 22 3/4 inches, 11 pounds 12 ounces. Both had their fingers pricked and have perfect iron counts.

They are on poli-visol now. Owen does not mind the taste, I just mix it in an early morning bottle of milk and he drinks away. Since Nathan does not take supplimental bottles of milk I put it in his baby cereal. I have to split the cereal in half putting the vitamins in just one batch. Then I get a little vitamin cereal on the spoon and cover it with the good non-vitamin cereal. We then follow-up with a non-vitamin cereal bite.

The boys are not on the growth chart yet, but are making a nice looking chart of their own. Logan started off below the charts too but is now in the 40% of 4 year olds. (His check-up was Wednesday.)

We don't need to go back to the doctor until our 1 year appointment!!!

Side note: We LOVE our pediatrician!!! So, if anyone is ever looking we use Stacey Gilbert at Mayfair Medical in Homewood.

The boys got the go ahead to eat baby food!!! We started first with peas. Here they are ready to start.Nathan's first impression of peas. Nathan loves peas so much he ate almost an entire jar yesterday.Here is Nathan's first few bites.

Owen decided he loves peas about as much as Preston. Like most babies he wants to acquire the taste before eating an entire jar like his brother.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Southern Museum of Flight

This morning we met some friends at the Southern Museum of Flight. It was free this week so we thought it would be a cool indoor activity to do (have to look for them living in Alabama). I have lived in Birmingham about 17 years, but have never been to the museum. We all had a great time and I loved their variety of planes and helicopters. Logan absolutely loved it. We went on-line last night and Logan feel in love with the shark helicopter. He was very excited to see it today. We went in to a children activity room and the kids had a great time jumping in the inflatable and driving the airplane. They also had several table set up with airplane legos for the kids to build.Logan is taking his friend on a ride to China.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Road Trip

The last two weeks our family has been on an exciting road trip. We wanted to introduce the two newest members of our family to friends and extended family. We started off our trip in Atlanta staying a few days with Preston's Aunt Lou and Uncle Mark.

On Logan's birthday, we met our friends, the Chung Family for lunch and then Logan and Jonathan were able to go to Monkey Joe's for some real fun during the afternoon. We were also able to meet their new little guy, Sebastian.

On Friday morning we headed down to IKEA, for some toy shopping and then down to LDi office where we were able to participate in fun friday activities. We always time our visits to be a part of this fun and yummy friday afternoon treat. The boys enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people who have been lifting them up before the Father for months!!

We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning with our friends, Jennifer and Michael Bowden. We had a great time visiting with them and all three of the boys loved playing with them.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Georgia Tech for GT Fan Day. The players and coaches were there to sign autographs. We were there to just see Buzz and the Wreck (Logan's two favorite things). We only stayed a little while because it was so hot and we were able to see our two things quickly. Also, it was really crowded so we did not wait in really long lines to do any of the extra games they had set up for the kids. We were able to meet our friends, the Chungs, again...but only briefly.

On Saturday evening we headed to Michigan. We got a really slow start...I mean really slow. We left downtown about 5:30 and did not make it out of Georgia until about 9:30. We stopped to feed the little boys and to make their cereal. While we fed them we let Logan play in the McDonald's play land. The little boys were having a hard time. Once they fell asleep we were able to make good time. We drove through the night...we had to. Once they woke up for the day it was really slow going again. We were able to make it to Frankenmuth by 2:00, so a 12 hour ride only 21 1/2 hours.

When we got to Frankenmuth we spent 3 nights with my Aunt Ann. She had a bbq for us and invited her girls, Dee and Shawne and their families. We had a great time visiting. Logan loved playing the in the pool and playing with the girls. We had a wonderful time staying there for three days. Shawne and her two girls came over the next two days too. Logan was in heaven. They all played so well together. They swam, rode scooters, played with Logan's new train and just really enjoyed being together. Aunt Ann has two garages, which of course Logan loved. I told Preston he was never going to want to leave. He loves Aunt Ann, Shawne's girls, the pool, the garages, and then they had cookies and doritos (which he calls triangle chips). It is amazing we were able to get him to leave!!!

We were able to visit with my Grandma Elaine and her friend George on Monday morning. We had a very nice visit and she made a good lunch topped off with some delicious chocolate cake. Preston was able to get her skype working, so now we will be able to video chat with her any time.

On Tuesday we were able to spend some time with my Aunt Nila, Uncle Bob, Grandma Nancy and Aunt Andrea. We really enjoyed our time visiting with them. Aunt Nila also enjoyed looking at Logan's Tag books with him and Uncle Bob had fun playing on the floor with Logan. Uncle Bob is always such a good sport letting little boys climb all over him.

On Wednesday we headed in to Frankenmuth for a yummy lunch at Zenders. I was able to get some chicken noodle soup, just like I used to eat as a child. It was fun to show Logan some of the stuff I did at his age.

We then headed down to Macomb, in the Detroit area. We stayed with my cousin Dan and his wife Jackie. They just had twin girls 4 months ago, so it was fun to get our 4 little ones together. They had a cook out for us where lots of other family came. My cousin Rick and his wife Sarah have two girls, one only a few weeks younger than Logan. The girls had lots of fun playing together. My Aunt Julie, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Lee and cousin Mike also came over for the bbq. It was so fun being able to see everyone.

On Thursday we headed over to see my cousin Brenda and her little guy, Stavros. Her husband was in Brazil working. We had a great visit!! We took all the kids to a near by park located on Lake St Claire. Logan had the best time playing on all the playground and the little guys all really enjoyed the cool breeze and wonderful sites. Brenda made the most wonderful salad for lunch. In fact, Preston is at the store right now buying the stuff for us to make that same salad tonight.

On Friday we then went to my cousin Jenni and her husband Paul's house. They have two little girls, Olivia (who is just a month and a half older than Logan) and Elina who is two. All three had fun playing together, but Olivia and Logan really hit it off. They played and played and played. It was so fun to hear them just laugh and laugh together. Unfortunately we cut our visit with them short because we decided we really needed to do most of our driving again at night. The good news is, they will be at our house in just a few weeks. We are really looking forward to their visit.

We drove through then night, leaving at 9:30 pm and this time we were able to make the trip in just 14 hours. We had a great time and really enjoyed being able to visit so many friends and family.