Monday, October 26, 2015

Our October

Yesterday the boys and I drive to Bennet Farm in Heflin.  We love this farm/pumpkin patch and have enjoyed it for years.  The Chung family joined us.  The boys had a blast.

Saturday night we meet the Cooks for Boo at the Zoo.  We had a really fun time.  The boys were characters from Super Mario Brothers and Karis was a hippy.

We are so pumped about our summer mission trip in Calcutta, India.  Logan had his first lemonade stand to raise money for our project.  Owen was a great assistant.

It is the future!  Logan started watching the Back to the Future movies with Preston a few months ago.  He was so excited about the future day.  Preston and Logan watched a double feature of Back to the Future in the theater.  Logan is dressed like Marty McFly with his brand new DeLorean that just arrived.

Homemade donuts.  When I was on a girls trip to the beach, I learned how to make donuts.  The boys were excited.

Fun girls trip to the beach.  It was an awesome, relaxing weekend.

Logan's fall break:
Logan had two days off of school.  We enjoyed an afternoon at Pump It Up, lunch with his brother's at school and another day at Airwalk and the park.

We enjoyed a short visit with Sydney and Hunter.  Sydney was with us in Ecuador.

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's been awhile....

It's been awhile.....

Logan loves his dog, Charlie.  They have a great time together.

Preston and I, along with his Dad and Donna enjoyed a Georgia Tech football game together.  It was a great day of fun adult time.

The boys enjoy McWane Center so much.  Nathan knows exactly which activities he is interested in and as soon as we get off the elevator, he heads straight to them.

The Chung Family now has season passes to McWane too.  We enjoy them coming over and going with us.  Last time we also enjoyed treats from Steel City Pops.

Karis had an MRI a few weeks ago.  This is us being silly waiting for the nurse to get her to take her back.  During the MRI they discovered she has Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum.

We enjoyed Johnny Rockets.  Logan loved the Jute Box...though they did not work.  He was still really fascinated by it.

Wednesdays after school Logan and I have some special time.  He is out of school 2 hours before his siblings.  We are just being silly on the Photo Booth App on the computers at the library.

Karis loves to put the Burt puppet in the little stroller and push them around.

One of Owen's favorite toys is the tree house.  He loves playing with the rope ladder.

Nathan is playing Memory with Mario Brothers characters.

Sunday afternoon, sibling relaxation.

We are making progress on Logan's climbing wall.  Just one more panel, an auto be-layer and a harness to go.

Karis on our special Monday morning walk.

Everyone is doing well.  Karis is seeing a new doctor at the International Adoption Clinic.  She also recommended a new therapist for Karis and some books for me to read.  She confirmed Karis's diagnosis of extreme Reactive Attachment Disorder and also diagnosed her with severe PTSD and Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum.  In therapy we are at the very beginning stages of trying to work through her trauma.  Preston and I are so pleased with the new doctor and therapist.  Karis is beginning to do much better too.

Hopefully by the end of this month Nathan will have new wheels.  He should receive his new power and manual wheelchairs.  Both Nathan and Owen are doing well in kindergarten and really enjoying it.

Logan is enjoying fall swim...which means he has swim practice 3 days a week.  He is improving so much on his strokes and speed. He really enjoys being in the water.  He loves school.  He is learning Latin and enjoys reciting scripture in Latin...which I love to hear.