Saturday, July 31, 2010

Logan's 4th Birthday Party

Today we had Logan's 4th birthday party. This year we went with a Diego theme. The party was in a South American Rain Forest (or Patriot Park here in Homewood). Every child received a Rescue kit complete with Diego Video watch and spotting scope. They also received a card telling them what animal they needed to go and rescue. Diego (Logan) had a great time with all of his friends and was so excited to see each of them at his party. Some of his friends came dressed as animals, which made Logan very exited. We also had animal hats for everyone. The Diego cake, from Publix, was very yummy.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Awesome Bibs

Preston's cousin, Michele, made these incredible bibs for the boys. She wanted to do something to honor them being triplets. To do this she put three hearts and a three leaf clover on each. She also put the initials of the other two on each bib. We absolutely love these bibs!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're getting bigger

Zoo fun with the Eakers

On Monday we met the Eakers at the zoo for some fun. Nathan fell asleep while Ms. Mitzi was holding him.

Logan and Russ had fun playing together.

We ran into my friend, Lorelle, so she was able to meet the boys too.

Here Owen is meeting a goat.

The boys washing their hands after petting some goats.

The boys were very excited about seeing the tiger.

Evan, Logan and Isaac all had the same Lightning McQueen swim bottoms.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


When we were at the zoo on Friday, Preston noticed a sign for a day of fun, family, cultural events on Saturday. I had talked to my friend Kim about going to the park but they excitedly wanted to switch plans with us to do the culture day too. We first met at the Birmingham library where Logan got to make a Japanese fan. With a little help from his Mommy, he made a brown fan with a sun, cloud and 2 garage doors. He and his friend Claire Ellen had a great time fanning each other and just acting silly with their fans. We then walked to the Museum of Art where we enjoyed a performance by the youth orchestra. We had lunch at Whole Foods to support the Bell Center fundraiser. Then it was off to the Botanical Gardens for a children's sidewalk film festival. We all enjoyed the films very much. It was fun to see Logan and Claire Ellen really laughing and enjoying them too. As we were leaving the Botanical Gardens it started to rain. As we were waiting for the Daddies to get the cars Logan and Claire Ellen decided to eat the rain. We had hoped to do the zoo too, but with it raining we called it a day. It was a great fun-filled day. It was so nice to all be out as a family. We carefully selected each event making sure Nathan and Owen would not be surrounded by tons of people, to be sure to limit the amount of germs they would be around.

Chocolate Creme

Several days ago, Logan and I were watching Shrek together. He thought it was so hilarious when Gi-Gi the little gingerbread man said they were "up chocolate creek without a popsicle stick." However, Logan thought he was saying, "chocolate creme without a popsicle stick." I thought that sounded much better anyway, so I just went with it. So, he decided he would like to eat chocolate creme. The next day we went to Wal-mart and got some Jello mousse, got out the kitchen-aid, and let him make chocolate creme. He was so excited. We poured our mousse into bowls and had it ready for dessert. Logan like the chocolate creme but since it is pretty rich, he only ate a little. Here is a picture of Logan eating his first bites of his "chocolate creme without a popsicle stick."

Monday, July 19, 2010

NICU reunion

Sunday afternoon was the annual Brookwood NICU reunion. It was so much fun to see our baby friends, their parents, some of the nurses and a couple of the doctors. They were all so amazed at how much the boys had grown. Logan had a great time eating Strawberry cake and drawing on the big white boards with some other kids.Dee is one of the boys nurses.

Joelle is one of the boys RTs.

My friend Lacritia (Zion's Mom). They were in the NICU with us for several months.

Dr. Mena visiting with Owen.

Cherie is another one of their RTs.

Dr. Mena giving Nathan a big hug.

Janette is another one of the boys nurses.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our newest family member

On Friday afternoon, we welcomed Cooper James Watts into the family. He was born at 3:34 weighing 7 lbs 8 ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long. On Friday morning we packed up our crew and headed to Enterprise. It was nice being able to see Cooper just after he was born and get to visit with Ranae and Philip too. Philip also was able to get a few minutes to come by their house to see Nathan and Owen. Logan was able to go up to the hospital for a few minutes but we did not take Nathan and Owen up to the hospital.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Dedication

On Sunday July 11th, Nathan and Owen participated in their baby dedication at Dawson. It was a very special time for our family to dedicate them to the Father. We were so excited to be able to share this special day with so many good friends and family. Tianjin RenJanelle's family, minus my sister and brother-in-law who could not make it. She is 37 week pregnant and they live out of town.Stephanie, one of the boys nurses in the NICU. We were also very excited their nurse, Tanna, joined them for their special day.Preston's Mom holding Nathan and my Mom holding Owen.The yummy, yummy cake as Logan calls it.