Thursday, March 24, 2011

1 year at home

One year ago today we brought Nathan and Owen home from the hospital. To celebrate our one year we made a visit to the NICU this afternoon. We had a wonderful time catching up with the staff and showing them how much Nathan and Owen have grown over the last year.

Here are two pictures from one year ago followed by one we took today. We could not have one with them in their pumpkin seats today for a direct comparison because they are too big for those seats now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two cute photos

Here are two cute photos. Thought you would like to see them.

Rodeo Day

Today was Rodeo Day at RDS. Logan's class participated in some fun games: horseshoes, panning for gold, horse-on-a-stick races and other fun games. Each kid was able to take a ride on a pony. The pony Logan rode is named Black Jack. He had tons of fun riding the pony. After some playground time the kids enjoyed a cowboy lunch of hotdogs, fruit, chips, rootbeer and smores. It was a great day and I always love spending some special time with Logan.

Race Without Limits

On Saturday, April 2nd, our family will participate in the Race Without Limits 8k and 1 mile fun run at Railroad Park. This race is to support UCP and a division of UCP is Hand-in-Hand, the organization that provides in-home physical and occupational therapy. Our friends and family are forming a team to run in support of Nathan and Owen. So far we have we have 13 people running and have raised over $1100. If you are interested in running on our team please let me know. You can register at If you are interested in giving go to We are looking forward to this great family event.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun Stuff

Here are a few pictures of the fun stuff we have done over the past few weeks.

Logan eating ice cream at Edgewood Creamery.

The boys wearing red for Valentine's Day.

Logan pretending to be a bear in a cave. Quite impressive that he can fit in that tiny toy bin.

Logan with his cousin Evan standing on a Chinook helicopter in Huntsville.

Logan's face imprinted at the McWane Center.

All three boys watching the balls. It is quite impressive. I too love to watch it.

Logan eating ice cream at Mountain Brook Creamery. (The ice cream he is eating in both of these pictures is actually frozen yogurt with only 8 calories per ounce, no fat and no sugar. It is actually very good and Logan prefers it over regular ice cream.)

Nathan and Owen having fun at the zoo.

Logan having fun at the zoo.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cookie Factory Field Trip

On Monday I enjoyed going to Bud's Best Cookie Factory with Logan and his class. I have wanted to take Logan on this tour for years but the waiting list is always really long. Logan and his friends all had a great time. We wore hair nets during our tour, which the kids thought was pretty funny. We were served warm fresh vanilla wafers. Eating them fresh out of the oven really makes them taste much better. One fun fact we learned is that Bud's Best makes 1 million cookies per hour.