Monday, July 29, 2013

Playroom progress

Preston and I worked a lot tonight to make a lot of progress in the playroom.  I am very pleased with the way it is coming along.  Hopefully we will have everything put away by tomorrow night.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Piano, therapy, McWane, swimming and surgery

We were very fortunate that Preston's Mom gave us her piano.  All three of the boys love playing it.

Logan found a much more exciting way to spend 2 hours of brother's therapy .
Nathan and Owen just could not resist and needed to have a turn too.
We are really enjoying all our company to the new house.  Logan was ecstatic to have his friend Caroline over to play Tuesday afternoon.  They are such good friends and play so well together!
This morning we met our friends, The Hays', at the McWane center.  It has been quite a while since we were there and enjoyed going back.  We just renewed our membership today so we have 12 more months of fun!
This afternoon we were able to swim for an hour in the pool before the rain came!
(I can't really get pictures of them actually in the pool because I am in the pool holding on to them the entire time.)
Logan jumped into the 12 1/2 foot part of the pool tonight!

Medical update: Nathan is having his tonsils out August 12th.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

All work to get to play

Today we worked on getting all of the boys play structures in place, pruning the bushes and mowing the lawn.  

While taking a break from the heat, Nathan work hard on his basketball skills!
Logan helped Preston put together his dome for a while and then helped with his brothers while I assisted Preston.
All three boys loved playing in the water!  Logan was having so much fun he ran upstairs and put on his swim suit.  We now have our swing set, dome, basketball hoop and water table set up.  It's nice for the boys to be able to play in the yard again.

Morning fun

This morning Logan and I headed out early for some fun, just the two of us.


Friday, July 19, 2013

The fun times keep coming

This post is all about the fun we are having here this week.

Owen is driving around with his speech therapist, Melissa, working on socially conversations with other kids and adults.

Nathan is playing mini Connect 4 with his OT, Lauren.

Logan and I made a train track complete with hill to the floor.  (Thomas is flying down the hill)

We had a great time visiting with the Finnamores.

We also visited with my friend Candace and her two boys...but I did not get any pictures :(.

Logan and I had fun at the park while Nathan and Owen were at school on Wednesday.

Our family enjoyed a Birmingham Barons game with our friends, the Coles and Turners.
Owen's new hat.

Monday, July 15, 2013


This morning we hosted a couple of soon to be Westminster Kindergarten boys  (siblings and Mommies too) for a play date.  We really enjoyed meeting them, answering their questions and sharing our experiences at Westminster.

This afternoon we hit the pool.  This is Logan's 4th day in a row.  He loves the pool and Nathan and Owen love it too.  When we got in Logan wanted to show me something cool.  He went underwater  and swam about 15 feet to me.  I am so pleased with his swimming progress!!
Owen drying off and relaxing after the long swim.
Nathan is trying to watch everything that is happening in the pool while I am getting him to dry off.
Logan under the water.

Last load

This was the last load on Saturday.  
Can't get any more red neck than this!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday= Logan fun day

Fridays are focused on fun for the boys, especially Logan.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and even some weeks on Wednesday Nathan and Owen attend therapy which means Logan has to sit there and wait while they "play".  Fridays are our completely free day and we do what he wants.  This equals swimming and time with friends.   Yesterday morning we spent a couple hours at the pool and in the afternoon he had three friends from school over to play.
 Star Wars play dominated a lot of their time.  They all enjoyed the R2D2 Rice Krispy Treat Logan and I made the night before.

I think this is going to be our Friday schedule every Friday until school starts.

Cow Appreciation Day

Yesterday was Chick-fil-A cow appreciation day.  If you dress like a cow you get a free meal.  We love chick-fil-a but the real reason we went us because Owen loves cows (not as much as baseball but they are his favorite animal). I made the boys cow t-shirts and we met our friends, the Bargers, for a wonderful dinner and playtime for the kids.