Wednesday, February 8, 2017

` far

2017...and we're off.  We have already crammed so many fun things into the first month and a half.

Logan got his braces off today.  He was very excited.  His orthodontist knew just what to get him.  A gumball machine.  Logan has been looking forward to chewing gum for more than a year.

Karis went on her first field trip to Bud's Best Cookie Factory.  The highlight for both of us was the warm cookies we got to eat right off the line!

Two of the emphasis of our church are strong marriages and a good special needs ministry.  The special needs ministry provides Date Night for parents.  All of our children got to play in the gym, watch movies, eat pizza and play lots of games while Preston and I had a chance to go on a date.  We enjoyed a fun evening at HighPoint Climbing Gym.

That is Preston all the way up at the top.

In fourth grade the students study Medieval times.  A highlight of the year is the Medieval Feast.  Here Logan is posing with some of the boys in his class.

Nathan types the daily news off the board on to a laptop every morning at school.

Preston did lots of traveling in January: China, Indonesia and Ecuador.  The afternoon before picking him up at the Atlanta airport the kids and I enjoyed some time in a hotel.

Nathan has turned into a really big football fan.  Here he is watching the National Championship game.  Early on in the year, he decided Clemson was his team.  We aren't quite sure why he likes them, but he is a big fan.

To ring in the new year, we had an ice (with a little bit of snow) storm.  Logan was able to sled down our drive way and on the road.  Karis, Nathan and Owen really did not care much for the cold.

We have a new trampoline park near our house.  We have already been a couple of times this year.  All of our kids really enjoy it.