Saturday, January 28, 2017

Summer mission trip

In Tena, Ecuador you will find a vibrant church.  These Christians love the Lord and serve many in their community in countless ways.  Preston's students just returned from their January trip for pre-design.  At the beginning of fall semester Preston's Senior Thesis students began researching everything they needed to know about construction in Ecuador (materials, culture, climate, worship styles).  Now they begin the design process for an interior renovation of the church pictured above.  Once the design process is complete they will return to Ecuador for the month of June to help with initial construction.

Our entire family has the opportunity to join Preston and his students to help with the construction of the project and spend lots of time with the children who daily visit this church for tutoring, hot meals, and fun play time.  With the make-up of our family looking a little different than a typical family, three kids with special needs, our children are often used by the Lord to make a great impact for sharing His love in places where most often having special needs is not as excepted.  This trip will be a great experience for our children as they share the love of Christ with others and  gain a deeper understanding of other cultures (this year we will in the jungle and the kids will also experience canoe trips on the Napo River, spend a little time in a Quichua Indian Village, play with monkeys, etc.)

We experience great joy when we are a part of God's work.  We ask you to lift up our family as we prepare for this trip.  A trip to the jungle will be more out of our comfort zone than normal, so we especially ask for you to pray for the kids as we prepare and while we are there.  If God leads you to be a part of our work financially you can send a check payable to: Samford Univeristy, in the memo: Interior Architecture Senior Thesis.
Send it to:
Samford University
Preston Hite, Associate Professor of Interior Architecture
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229