Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 beginning of school

Logan and his 4th grade teacher, Mrs Brannan.
Owen and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs Allen.
Nathan and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs McDaniel.

Logan's first day of school.
Karis's first day of 2nd grade.
Nathan's first day of kindergarten.
Owen's first day of kindergarten.
Nathan was less than excited about his first day of school but he is loving it now.


Our September is off to a fun start.  We spent three days at the beach with my family.

Logan enjoyed catching as many rolls as possible at Lamberts.

Preston, Ranae and I enjoyed working out while my parents watched all the kids.

Cooper and Logan loved the beach, Karis and Nathan tolerated the beach and Owen was afraid of it.

Nathan always wants to climb around in Logan and Owen's beds.  He is so happy to be up here with Logan.

Nathan is enjoying sitting at the table playing games and reading.  He is now strong enough to sit in this table and chair without assistance.

Our family were the guests speakers of a class at UAB for therapist and special educators.  We really enjoy the opportunity to tell the boys story.

We are well into the kitchen renovation.  We have a LONG way to go.  It will be great when it is finished!

Today the 4th grade at Westminster celebrated with Monk Day.  They did manual labor, wrote scrolls with quills, ate a monk's lunch (well a few minutes) in silence, said chants and dressed like monks.