Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful Masterpieces

On Thursday night Sarah, Gracie, Logan and I took a painting class from my friend Amy at Dawson. The kids were so excited to paint. Amy worked very patiently and wonderfully with them. Logan saw a tiger picture Amy had done in the past. He loved it and wanted to make one just like it. Gracie did her own creation. I did a Christmas tree made out of my chidren's hands and feet and Sarah did a cute Christmas tree ball tree.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a few medical updates

I thought some people would want the latest medical updates on the boys, so here goes.

They are both doing very well with their physical therapy. We are working on sitting up alone and putting weight on their arms to get them strong enough to crawl. We have lots of fun playing together (well, they think it is play...but it is really therapy). I love it!!!!

Owen is talking up a storm, almost all of the time. Nathan is talking too, but just none as often as Owen. Owen got his hearing aids late yesterday afternoon. So far they don't seem to bother him. Thankfully he is leaving them in and not trying to take them out. Nathan had another audiology booth screening last week and he showed a little improvement. Right now, un-aided, he is showing that he can hear sounds at 70dB. That is still quite loud. We are just in a wait and see game if he will need cochlear implants or if the hearing aids will do the trick for him. We would ask you to join us in praying that God would heal his ears. We have seen him do miracles in Nathan's body over and over. Cochlear implants are wonderful and there are so many wonderful kids that have implants. The hard thing for us if Nathan's hearing is so bad that he needs implants is, once implanted he probably not be able to enjoy music. We asked his audiologist and she said that it is her understanding that it sounds mechanical. With our love for music, it is hard to think that Nathan would not be able to enjoy music along with the rest of the family. We know our Father is sovereign and whatever he has for our boys is perfect for them!!!

Nathan is scheduled for eye surgery on December 15th. His surgery will be at Children's Hospital. We won't know the time of the surgery until the day before. They will cut his eye muscles and reattach them in a different place. This will stop his eyes from turning in.

Tomorrow the boys will receive their helmets. This will help with their head shape. They will wear these 23 hours a day for about 5 months.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Activities remembering Mia today

This afternoon we had a small celebration brunch, at Village Tavern, with family and a few close friends, in honor of Mia's life. We plan to have a celebration brunch every year, the day after the boy's party honoring Mia's life.Owen's first taste of table food. Preston gave him some grits and he loved them.After the celebration we brought some flowers out to the cemetery. It is always good to bring Logan out there because he is so loving and playful that it makes the time light hearted.
The view from our bench (family marker).This is Logan's flower that he brought for Mia.

After the cemetery we brought the boys up to the NICU for a visit. They had a great time having all their old friends holding and talking to them. When we left Logan wanted to stop by our old room, a parenting room, and was going through the room pointing out all the stuff we used to use or do in the room. He really wanted to stay and watch something on tv while I fed brothers, just like we used to, but we convinced him it was better to go home.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1st Birthday Party

Nathan and Owen had their 1st birthday party today. It was held in the party room at the rec center at Dawson. Their theme of the party was circles. We had frisbees, lollipops, a circle cake and m&ms. We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to have a ton of fun. Nathan and Owen, especially Owen, enjoyed their smash cakes. They both got a little in their mouth and LOVED the taste. Their cake was from Dreamcakes and it was wonderful. Their oldest friend, Mason who was their roommate in the NICU almost all 131 days came to the party. All five of us were so glad they came. Logan had the best time playing with his older sister McKayla.Preston's grandparent's enjoyed some time with Nathan and Owen.Nathan and Owen had cute frisbees and suckers with their names on them for party favors.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun pics

Nathan smiling at Owen
Owen smiling at Nathan
Nathan eating Owen's fingers

Owen eating Nathan's fingersLogan eating his rice krispie treat

Veterans Day Fun

Since Logan was off school today we decided to have some fun making rice krispie treats. His friends John, Maddie, Gracie and James came over and we made different shape rice krispies and then decorated them with frosting, candy corn, pretzels, and some green spray food coloring. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves.Here is a picture of Logan's creation. I think he did a pretty good job!!