Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Synagis Shot

Nathan and Owen received their first of six Synagis shots for the season. The shot is pretty painful and it wore the boys out. They both took great morning naps. At their appointment Nathan weighed 14 lbs 3 ozs and Owen weighed 14 lbs 1.25 ozs. He is trying hard to catch Nathan.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lots of updates

Sorry I have not blogged much since returning home from our trip. We have been doing well.

The day after we returned Owen had an eating evaluation. He was still trying to suck his food instead of getting it off the spoon and swallowing it. The OT recommended some different spoons and showed me a few techniques and now Owen is eating better.

On Thursday we went to the eye doctor. Nathan has a lazy eye that will more than likely require surgery. This surgery is very common. At first I thought he would be having the surgery right away but Dr Metz decided to wait until after his neurologist appointment in the middle of January. At this time Dr Mathison should have an idea if Nathan is developing CP. This information is important for the eye surgery because it determines certain things about the procedure. Owen had his eyes checked too and they are looking great right now.

On Friday the boys went to see Dr Grant for him to check on their head shapes. Owen definitely has a flat spot and will benefit from a helmet. Nathan had some x-rays done on his head to make sure the plates were still separate. They are, which means no surgeries to separate those bones. Nathan will also benefit from a helmet. The boys will get there helmets as soon as our slow insurance gets on the ball and approves them.

Over the weekend Preston and I had some special time with just Logan. We took him to the Galleria. We let him pick anything he wanted for lunch. He choose fried okra, mac and cheese and corn. We then took a ride on the merry-go-round, got new shoes and went shopping at the lego store. On our way home we asked him if he had a good time. He said yes, but he missed his brothers!!!

On Sunday Preston and Logan went to a birthday party for one of the girls at his school. Nathan, Owen and I to the Downsyndrome Buddy Walk at Regions Park. The buddy walk raises money for an adult downsyndrome clinic.

This past Wednesday I got to accompany Logan's class on a field trip to the Hoover library. It was lots of fun. Miss Katie Jane did a great job telling stories. That afternoon Logan went to play with Gracie (he was so excited) while I took the boys to speech therapy. The boys did okay. We were hoping for a little more but they were both very tired. Nathan actually fell asleep during the session. They had a fun morning playing with their grandma, CiCi, while I was at the library with Logan.

On Thursday, Kristi, one of out PT's came and worked with boys. Nathan was in a mood, so she spent her time with Owen. Owen is doing well and is rolling over a lot!!! Nathan is rolling over some too.

On Friday we went to St Vincent's for therapy with Jane. Both boys did very well. Jane was especially pleased with Nathan's progress this last time.

Yesterday the boys were in their first race. We ran the Run Away from Domestic Violence 8k. All three boys rode well in their strollers. Preston and I had a great time running and enjoying the beautiful weather. After the race Logan enjoyed himself at the Fall Festival. For lunch we met the Comer's at Zoes and then headed to Overton Park to let the kids together for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exploring the West - Part 3 - The Grand Canyon

The final destination of our trip was the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We rented a cabin at the Kaibab Lodge, just a few miles from the park. I would have loved to stay in the park, but we did not make our plans to take this vacation early enough to get a spot, so we got the next best place. While at the North Rim we went to Bright Angel point and Cape Royal. The views were spectacular and I really enjoyed climbing out to the points. We also took a hike in the Kaibab National Forest and saw the Grand Canyon from high above. It was neat to see what the tops of the plateaus looked like and to see the canyon as just a big gouge out of the earth.

Exploring the West - Part 2 - The Grand Staircase at Escalante National Monument

On Saturday we took a nice drive from Bryce Canyon to Escalante. The views were incredible. We enjoyed a great lunch at a local eatery.

Exploring the West - Part 1 Bryce Canyon

In mid-September we decided to take a family vacation. I had a voucher on Continental that expired at the end of this month. I started looking for good fares and we decided to fly to Salt Lake City, rent a van and travel to Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. The trip was amazing!!!! It was incredible to see God's natural beauty.The first day we flew in to Salt Lake City and drove to Bryce Canyon. We spent the next three nights at Ruby's Inn. While looking at the canyon we had fun pretending we were riding the bus and eating ice cream.On Friday night we went to a western dinner show.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

HEAR Center fun at Bennett Farm

This morning we headed to Bennett Farm. The HEAR Center had their fall outing there. Logan has been looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch for days. Our entire family (all five of us) had the beat time! We also really enjoyed meeting other parents of kids with hearing impairments.

Here are some pictures of our day.
The hayride.
Logan playing in the corn crib. It was like a sand box but with corn kernels instead of sand. Logan loved playing in here and spent a lot of time in there.
Just need to be sure to empty our your shoes when you get out.You may wonder how they got all those corn kernels in there. Well, let Logan demonstrate. You put the corn in this red machine, turn the handle and the corn kernels come out the bottom.Our family.
Nathan and I

Owen and Preston

Logan painted a pumpkin. It is beautiful rainbow colors.
Logan enjoyed feeding the donkey grass.