Friday, February 28, 2014

Busy Thursday

Nathan and Owen had a busy Thursday with a visit at school from the garbage man as part of community helpers month.

After school they had three special guests join them at therapy, Miss Katie, Mrs Deidre and Mrs Mary Jo.  Miss Katie is their school teacher and Mrs Mary Jo is their aid.  They wanted to observe therapy to get some new ideas of things to work on at school with the boys.  Mrs Deidre, the boys school SLP wanted to collaborate with the boys outpatient SLP. We love everyone who works with the boys!  They do so many great things with them and are constantly trying to figure out more.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adoption Prayer Requests

We are still moving full speed ahead on our end (we have our final set of fingerprints for immigration tomorrow) but there are definitely a few things where we would really appreciate your prayers.  Of course we always appreciate your prayers for our adoption in general.
1) we are running into some difficulty with our mortgage company, Trustmark.  We need a letter from them stating the square footage of our house to send to the Ukraine. Well, this is out of their "normal" protocol and they don't do things that are outside the realm of normal what they told Preston. So after over a week of not hearing from them and 7 unreturned phone calls they finally let us know they had to consult with the Legal Department to see if they could write the letter.  They will let us know in the next few days.
2) Stability for the Ukrainian government and their people.
As long as the government is sending invitation dates for adoption, when we get ours we will go. This is something God clearly called us to and He is the God of the details, political situations, forever families and everything else.

On an exciting note I have started the fun task of preparing for our daughter's wardrobe.  I went to a consignment sale, Kids Wear Plus, where all the proceeds of the sale go to Lifeline, our adoption agency and started to fill her closet.  The challenge is not knowing her I just bought lots of different sizes.  When we get her we will give the clothes that will not fit her to the other kids in the orphanage.
My friend, Sarah, and I are going to the kNOw more orphans conference March 7 & 8 at Brookhills.  If you are planning to go let me know and we will look for you!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Veggie Ninja

Logan aka Veggie Ninja now loves slicing our dinner veggies.  He is getting really good at it.

An athlete is born

A week and a half ago I ran the Mercedes Half Marathon.   Logan and Preston ran their own half marathon going to all the places they could to cheer me on.  Logan was so inspired by all the runners he decided to start training for next year that afternoon.  He is counting down the years until he is eligible for the half.

This past weekend we went to Enterprise to run in a 5k and 1 mile fun run hosted by Ranae's school. Logan used his week of training to win 2nd place overall in the fun run.  He was so proud of himself and we were very proud of him too!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Fun!!!!!

We had a great morning together as a family playing in the snow.  We added a few more kids for fun! This time Nathan and Owen loved the snow...much better than just a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The past few days...

As always being a part of the Hite family is a fun adventure.

Logan played his last basketball game of the season.  Both he and Preston really had a great time and I am sure Preston will coach Logan's team again next year.

Logan and Preston are almost finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia.  Logan loves Repicheep.  A few weeks ago he and his friend Gracie decided to put up signs all over our house and yard telling everyone we lost our mouse, Repachep. Yesterday he received a post card from Repachep saying he was in Austrailia getting warm and was sorry he did not tell Logan goodbye.  Logan is beyond excited and Preston and I have no idea how Repachep was able to send a post card from Austrailia.
Owen had an EEG today.  He has been digressing in his verbal communication since this summer.  His EEG today was only 45 minutes.  It did record some heightened electrical activity over the communication area of his brain. The next step is for Owen to go to Children's and have a 24 hour EEG.  This will allow all of us to know a lot about his brain activity and will allow us to implement a treatment plan the will hopefully help him.  The EEG did not bother him at all and he fell asleep during it.
A big thanks to my friend, Melissa, for watching Nathan and Logan while I was with Owen.
All of the boys worked hard on their Valentine's for school today. They all really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adoption Update

Things are moving right along with our adoption.  Our home study is completely finished...signed, sealed and delivered.  Our i600a was submitted to the USCIS today.  Right now they are taking about 30 days to be approved.  Later this week we will talk to our social worker and begin working on the paperwork needed for our dossier.  We will do our dossier paperwork while we are waiting for approval.  Since things are moving so quickly we may just need to hold on to our completed dossier for about a month before submitting to the Ukraine so we don't get an appointment  that is too early, before summer, with the  Ukrainian government.

Thank you for all of your prayers during this amazing process!


New Gait Trainer

Nathan received a new gait trainer today. We just ordered a bigger base (now it is the same size as Owen's) and kept all of our previous attachments.  At first I had everything on there but within a few minutes I was able to take off the seat.  He has the seat off at therapy but usually when I took it off at home he would stick his arms in the air and manage to try and slide out. He walked back and forth in the living room for about 45 minutes until he got tired.  I was really proud of him!

Here is a picture of his gait trainer.