Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The past few days...

As always being a part of the Hite family is a fun adventure.

Logan played his last basketball game of the season.  Both he and Preston really had a great time and I am sure Preston will coach Logan's team again next year.

Logan and Preston are almost finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia.  Logan loves Repicheep.  A few weeks ago he and his friend Gracie decided to put up signs all over our house and yard telling everyone we lost our mouse, Repachep. Yesterday he received a post card from Repachep saying he was in Austrailia getting warm and was sorry he did not tell Logan goodbye.  Logan is beyond excited and Preston and I have no idea how Repachep was able to send a post card from Austrailia.
Owen had an EEG today.  He has been digressing in his verbal communication since this summer.  His EEG today was only 45 minutes.  It did record some heightened electrical activity over the communication area of his brain. The next step is for Owen to go to Children's and have a 24 hour EEG.  This will allow all of us to know a lot about his brain activity and will allow us to implement a treatment plan the will hopefully help him.  The EEG did not bother him at all and he fell asleep during it.
A big thanks to my friend, Melissa, for watching Nathan and Logan while I was with Owen.
All of the boys worked hard on their Valentine's for school today. They all really enjoyed it.

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