Wednesday, February 8, 2017

` far

2017...and we're off.  We have already crammed so many fun things into the first month and a half.

Logan got his braces off today.  He was very excited.  His orthodontist knew just what to get him.  A gumball machine.  Logan has been looking forward to chewing gum for more than a year.

Karis went on her first field trip to Bud's Best Cookie Factory.  The highlight for both of us was the warm cookies we got to eat right off the line!

Two of the emphasis of our church are strong marriages and a good special needs ministry.  The special needs ministry provides Date Night for parents.  All of our children got to play in the gym, watch movies, eat pizza and play lots of games while Preston and I had a chance to go on a date.  We enjoyed a fun evening at HighPoint Climbing Gym.

That is Preston all the way up at the top.

In fourth grade the students study Medieval times.  A highlight of the year is the Medieval Feast.  Here Logan is posing with some of the boys in his class.

Nathan types the daily news off the board on to a laptop every morning at school.

Preston did lots of traveling in January: China, Indonesia and Ecuador.  The afternoon before picking him up at the Atlanta airport the kids and I enjoyed some time in a hotel.

Nathan has turned into a really big football fan.  Here he is watching the National Championship game.  Early on in the year, he decided Clemson was his team.  We aren't quite sure why he likes them, but he is a big fan.

To ring in the new year, we had an ice (with a little bit of snow) storm.  Logan was able to sled down our drive way and on the road.  Karis, Nathan and Owen really did not care much for the cold.

We have a new trampoline park near our house.  We have already been a couple of times this year.  All of our kids really enjoy it.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Summer mission trip

In Tena, Ecuador you will find a vibrant church.  These Christians love the Lord and serve many in their community in countless ways.  Preston's students just returned from their January trip for pre-design.  At the beginning of fall semester Preston's Senior Thesis students began researching everything they needed to know about construction in Ecuador (materials, culture, climate, worship styles).  Now they begin the design process for an interior renovation of the church pictured above.  Once the design process is complete they will return to Ecuador for the month of June to help with initial construction.

Our entire family has the opportunity to join Preston and his students to help with the construction of the project and spend lots of time with the children who daily visit this church for tutoring, hot meals, and fun play time.  With the make-up of our family looking a little different than a typical family, three kids with special needs, our children are often used by the Lord to make a great impact for sharing His love in places where most often having special needs is not as excepted.  This trip will be a great experience for our children as they share the love of Christ with others and  gain a deeper understanding of other cultures (this year we will in the jungle and the kids will also experience canoe trips on the Napo River, spend a little time in a Quichua Indian Village, play with monkeys, etc.)

We experience great joy when we are a part of God's work.  We ask you to lift up our family as we prepare for this trip.  A trip to the jungle will be more out of our comfort zone than normal, so we especially ask for you to pray for the kids as we prepare and while we are there.  If God leads you to be a part of our work financially you can send a check payable to: Samford Univeristy, in the memo: Interior Architecture Senior Thesis.
Send it to:
Samford University
Preston Hite, Associate Professor of Interior Architecture
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229

Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 beginning of school

Logan and his 4th grade teacher, Mrs Brannan.
Owen and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs Allen.
Nathan and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs McDaniel.

Logan's first day of school.
Karis's first day of 2nd grade.
Nathan's first day of kindergarten.
Owen's first day of kindergarten.
Nathan was less than excited about his first day of school but he is loving it now.


Our September is off to a fun start.  We spent three days at the beach with my family.

Logan enjoyed catching as many rolls as possible at Lamberts.

Preston, Ranae and I enjoyed working out while my parents watched all the kids.

Cooper and Logan loved the beach, Karis and Nathan tolerated the beach and Owen was afraid of it.

Nathan always wants to climb around in Logan and Owen's beds.  He is so happy to be up here with Logan.

Nathan is enjoying sitting at the table playing games and reading.  He is now strong enough to sit in this table and chair without assistance.

Our family were the guests speakers of a class at UAB for therapist and special educators.  We really enjoy the opportunity to tell the boys story.

We are well into the kitchen renovation.  We have a LONG way to go.  It will be great when it is finished!

Today the 4th grade at Westminster celebrated with Monk Day.  They did manual labor, wrote scrolls with quills, ate a monk's lunch (well a few minutes) in silence, said chants and dressed like monks.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Enjoying our free time

Spring and Summer fun....
The boys school teachers came to cheer them on during one of their baseball games.

Owen and Preston playing at a game in GA.

Logan and Nathan playing at the same game.

Logan flying in the air at Airwalk.

Preston and I took a trip to CA for our 15th anniversary.

Fun family time at the pool.

Annual camping trip with the Tolberts.

Karis turned 10 on June 4th.  We had a small family party.  She really enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

Logan doing the butterfly at one of his swim meets.

Vacation Bible School at Shades Mountain.

Logan's swim meet fans.

Camp Strive Weekend!

Logan is swimming 

Owen is working hard on propping on his elbows.