Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The next chapter

Our lives are a story.  A story that is new to us every day.  Some days it is exciting, some days it is hard.  Some days are mundane, while other days catch us by surprise.  For our family, the future pages of our story are blank until the Lord writes them down.

We are very excited for the next chapter in our story.  In June, our family will move to Taitung, Taiwan to begin working with Taiwan Sunshine.  The organization provides hope and encouragement for families with children who have special needs through sports, education and community development.  The families participate in: I am a Hero Games, basketball, volleyball, swimming, the Taitung surf club, seminars, conferences and educational opportunities for parents, school outreaches, parent respite, parent support meetings, arts and crafts, summer camps and family retreats.

We would appreciate your prayers.  Over the next 10 months we have lots to do to get ready.  We will also fill you in on details, but for now we just wanted to let you know what our future holds.

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Friday, August 18, 2017


Nathan, Owen, Preston and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend five days in Freeport, Bahamas at the end of July.  The boys were part of an intensive cranial sacral therapy program.  Top therapist from all over the United States and Hungry gathered together at this program. Each day, each boy spent time with three different therapist all working with them at the same time.  All of the therapist were so nice and encouraging.  We also spent our time with around 20 different families.  It was a fun, encouraging and relaxing environment to get to know each other.

 A portion of the therapy is with dolphins.  For four days the boys got to spend about an 1 1/2 with the dolphins.  They absolutely loved it and the dolphins seemed to be pretty fond of them too.

 Nathan with a dolphin talking to him.

Dolphins next to Nathan and Owen.

Owen petting the dolphin.

This dolphin went under Owen and lifted him up out of the water and then just held him on his back.

Nathan petting a dolphin.

Each evening we had a little extra time to enjoy the island.

Nathan loved eating hamburgers.  He asked for them every day.

 This boy was tired by the end of our time there.