Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adoption Prayer Requests

We are still moving full speed ahead on our end (we have our final set of fingerprints for immigration tomorrow) but there are definitely a few things where we would really appreciate your prayers.  Of course we always appreciate your prayers for our adoption in general.
1) we are running into some difficulty with our mortgage company, Trustmark.  We need a letter from them stating the square footage of our house to send to the Ukraine. Well, this is out of their "normal" protocol and they don't do things that are outside the realm of normal what they told Preston. So after over a week of not hearing from them and 7 unreturned phone calls they finally let us know they had to consult with the Legal Department to see if they could write the letter.  They will let us know in the next few days.
2) Stability for the Ukrainian government and their people.
As long as the government is sending invitation dates for adoption, when we get ours we will go. This is something God clearly called us to and He is the God of the details, political situations, forever families and everything else.

On an exciting note I have started the fun task of preparing for our daughter's wardrobe.  I went to a consignment sale, Kids Wear Plus, where all the proceeds of the sale go to Lifeline, our adoption agency and started to fill her closet.  The challenge is not knowing her I just bought lots of different sizes.  When we get her we will give the clothes that will not fit her to the other kids in the orphanage.
My friend, Sarah, and I are going to the kNOw more orphans conference March 7 & 8 at Brookhills.  If you are planning to go let me know and we will look for you!

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