Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Piano, therapy, McWane, swimming and surgery

We were very fortunate that Preston's Mom gave us her piano.  All three of the boys love playing it.

Logan found a much more exciting way to spend 2 hours of brother's therapy .
Nathan and Owen just could not resist and needed to have a turn too.
We are really enjoying all our company to the new house.  Logan was ecstatic to have his friend Caroline over to play Tuesday afternoon.  They are such good friends and play so well together!
This morning we met our friends, The Hays', at the McWane center.  It has been quite a while since we were there and enjoyed going back.  We just renewed our membership today so we have 12 more months of fun!
This afternoon we were able to swim for an hour in the pool before the rain came!
(I can't really get pictures of them actually in the pool because I am in the pool holding on to them the entire time.)
Logan jumped into the 12 1/2 foot part of the pool tonight!

Medical update: Nathan is having his tonsils out August 12th.

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