Monday, January 12, 2015

Little Golden Nuggets

God is giving me little golden nuggets.  They come as answers to so many of your prayers.  These prayers are so valuable and we so appreciate them.  Please keep them coming.  The healing process for Karis will take years.

A friend of our family suggested that we read, "Parenting the Hurt Child".  We ordered this book back in September but due to lack of availability it did not arrive to our house until the end of November.  At that time I figured I was too busy to read a book and just set it aside for a later day.  Last week I was sitting down after putting the kids to bed I noticed it on the coffee table.  I decided it was a good time to pick it up and read TRANSLATED - through your prayers God brought it in front of me again as a good resource.  The book is incredible.  It has taught me so much.  I am a little over half way done and am reading it as much as I can.  I have already started implementing some of the strategies and they are working!  They are strategies you would rarely, if ever,  use in your home unless dealing with a severally traumatized child.

We also tapped into another great resource this week, post adoption therapy with Lifeline.  We met with the therapist on Friday and again today.  Karis and I begin our Theraplay sessions Wednesday and Karis and Preston begin theirs on Friday.  This will give us more insight into Karis and equip us with specific ways of handling her unique situation.

Please continue your prayers.  Some days are moment by moment and your prayers are what keeps us all going.  We look forward to the day when Karis is completely restored and able to function well within a family.  Since she was 8 at her time of adoption, she will most likely be 16 or older, when we are close to achieving this goal.

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