Sunday, January 4, 2015

What happens when the price is too high?

What happens when the price is too high?  We walk away.  We put down our object and walk out of the store or we politely and quickly finish our small part of the big task and run back to our homes, our comfort zone.

What happens when the price is too high and you can't escape it?  When it consumes every moment of your life, even keeping you up til the wee hours of the morning.  What happens when your entire family is consumed and traumatized?  What price is too high in your life?  (Please share it with me because I would love to pray for you and stand beside you through this time.)

There are many times in my life over the past five years when the price felt too high: giving birth to triplets at 24 weeks, death of our daughter Mia, 131 days in the NICU, not able to return to Asia and resume our work, and Nathan and Owen's diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

With God, the price is never too high.  He has already paid the highest price of all by sending His perfect Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for my sins.  Because He became a man and dwelt among us, He knows our pain and suffering.  He strengthens us and carries us through these though times.  He also created each of us to live in fellowship with each other and pray for one another.  God uses prayer and fellowship as one way He carries us through these though times.

We are now in another season when the price seems too high.  Karis's transition into our family is way more difficult (to put it lightly) than we had expected.  All day, every day right now is met with great difficulty.  (If you are interested in praying in specifics I am glad to share with you individually.) Again, we desperately need your prayers and fellowship.

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  1. Janelle - it sounds really tough! You will need people to stand with you and pray over you, Karis, and your family. I would be honored to pray for you! I know personally how difficult these high-price life situations can be. I am still living in the midst of a very difficult adoption situation.