Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adoption Update

Today we had our orientation interview.  As with every interaction with Lifeline, our adoption agency, it was a pleasure.  I always enjoy the opportunity to speak with them, learn more about the process and take one more step in our adoption journey.  Our next step, the first meeting of our home study, is scheduled for December 11th.

We need your support on this journey.  We really covet your prayer support!  We are already praying for: the process to go smoothly, all our paper work would find favor with the government of both countries, Preston and I will be able to clearly discern from God which child He has chosen for us (we will not be matched until we are in the Ukraine and will be presented with a few different files of children to choose from), and that we will find the right person to be able to spend some of the time with us in the Ukraine to help with Nathan, Owen and Logan during some of our meetings.  We would also appreciate your financial support.  The cost of this adoption is more than we have saved.  We know God is calling us to this adoption and that He will provide the funds through many different people and opportunities.  If you are interested in supporting us financially please visit our support raising website at  Your donations are sent to Lifeline from this website and are tax deductible.  

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