Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Appointment updates

As I do periodically I thought I would give an update on Nathan and Owen's most recent appointments.

This past Friday, Nathan and Owen had their 4 year old pediatrician appointment.  It is so hard to believe they are 4.  They have come so far in the past 4 years and are such a blessing to our family.  Unbelievably they are both on the charts!  Owen is 15% in height (38") and 10% in weight (31 lbs).  Nathan is 5% in height (36") and 3% in weight (27 1/2 lbs).

Tuesday afternoon Nathan and Owen had an appointment with Dr Law, their physiatrist.  They are both doing well and making good progress. Nathan showed off his walking with assistance skills.  Owen showed his love for baseball by sharing his baseball iPad app.  Owen had an adjustment in his medicine to help relax his muscles even more at night.  We are hoping this helps with his lack of sleeping and in turn will help his muscles to be more relaxed during the day.

Nathan had a dentist appointment today.  Like most extremely premature children he is missing a lot of enamel on his teeth.  I was concerned because his bottom front teeth were very I made an appointment after only 3 months. Now his teeth are pearly white and healthy.  Thankfully the dentist reported his teeth are strong and doing well.  Regardless of his diet and how many times a day we brush his teeth they are still going to stain very easily.  She recommended instead of 6 month check-ups he has 3 month check-ups.  If anyone lives in Birmingham and is looking for a new dentist; we absolutely loves ours and would be glad to give you contact info.

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