Friday, February 22, 2013

It's the little ones that matter

Our family is so excited to be just two weeks away from our trip to Lebanon. Little did we know 3 1/2 years ago God would impress a love for children with special needs on our hearts so deep that it would change our entire lives. On November 14, 2009, our hearts were captivated by three tiny (1lb 9oz, 1lb 6oz and 1lb 6oz) bundles of joy. The next 4 1/2 months in the hospital for Nathan and Owen, along with the death of Mia, changed our lives. During this time God walked so closely with us, He carried us. We truly learned to lean on Him, trust Him, praise Him and watched countless miracles. (At the time we left the hospital in March 2010, one of the neonatologists told us Nathan was the sickest baby he had ever seen survive.) Things seem even more precious when you are there everyday watching them fight to survive. We originally thought once they hit their due date they will be "normal" and we will go home. Their due date passed, we were still in the hospital with oxygen, tons of wires and monitors, etc. Once we did leave Owen's oxygen tanks followed us home (even on a trip to the Grand Canyon). We then started seeing every specialist and just about every therapist in Birmingham. Today the boys have a combined 10-14 therapy appointments a week (1/2 of it they receive at the special needs preschool program). They are getting so strong and growing up so fast. When I look at them I don't see what is wrong with them. What I do see is amazing little boys that God perfectly made to bring Himself glory. They are exactly as God wants them to be to fulfill their purpose on earth for Him. They are loving, full of personality, funny and bring a huge level of joy to our family. I would not want it any other way. They also have a big brother, Logan, who is incredible always making them laugh and smile, always wanting to beat them at games but also always there to be a helping hand when needed. We desire to share this love, the love that Christ has given us for each other with the families who have kids with special needs in Lebanon. Culturally, these children are not seen to be of much value...we want to show them the value God made in our kids and teach them that same value is in their kids. Preston will also be designing a school for kids with special needs. It is so important to have facilities that can meet the unique needs of kids with special needs. We are so honored and humbled that God has chosen to allow us to be a part of His work there...and He is working!!! If you would like to be a part of our work please pray for us. I will update the blog regularly while we are gone. We currently have an online auction, with some great items, running now through Feb 25t,h to help us raise funds for our trip. Please check it out.

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