Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So much going on.....

So, lots is happening around here. So much so that I have not gotten around to blogging much.

Let's start with the medical update. Nathan had an audiogram last week. His hearing in his left ear is in normal range. This is so exciting. He is beginning to say many sounds and will go back and forth with everyone. He is also really hearing lots of environment sounds now too. We are so thrilled that Nathan can hear "normally". Owen will be getting his tonsils out on April 2nd. He has obstructive sleep apnea. Taking out his tonsils should give him much better sleep.

We had the chance to play with lots of friends on Thursday. In the morning Owen and Nathan played with their good friend, John Whitten, and his older sister Lillian. I enjoyed visiting with their mom, Melissa. They boys love John Whitten- they are in Sunday School class together. Later in the day, Logan received a great surprise when his friend, Gracie, was in our car when I picked him up from school. They had a great time making fun things for Sarah's birthday- a big banner and cupcakes.

The boys spent the weekend with Oma and PaPa. All three had a wonderful time. Logan spent most of his time drawing and coloring transformers out of every big piece if cardboard that PaPa could find...which was a lot.

Preston and I had a great time cheering for our awesome friend, Sarah. She ran the Mercedes 1/2 Marathon in honor of Nathan and Owen. With my foot still not completely healed I was not able to run with her. Preston and I made it to 8 different points along the route to cheer for her.

President's Day Fun: Logan was out if school today so after dropping Nathan and Owen off at school we headed to Dawson's Rec Center for 2 hours of games including basketball, racing laps, air hockey, car racing, etc. We had a super fun time!!! Since today was so beautiful we also made it to the park this afternoon.

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