Sunday, February 24, 2013

Does God need the mighty American?

Several years ago, as I was sitting with a group of ladies, I heard the following story.  One lady was sharing about her recent trip to an impoverished Third-world country.  In the country, they were delivering food and water.  These materials were scarce to those who were receiving them... and the people were grateful.  The point she was driving home in her story many times was that the Americans came to save the day of the poor, helpless people, and without the help of the Americans, who knows where those poor people would be today.

Did God need the Americans?  Did God need her to bring those poor people food and water?  Did God need me to build cabins or give eye glasses in Ecuador?  Did God need me to make mission videos in the Dominican Republic, Germany, Honduras or Asia?  Did God need me to assist in dental cleaning in Asia?  Did God need me to participate in games, crafts and Bible stories with children who are at risk or already being sold into sex slavery in Cambodia?  Does God need me to be a part of a team in Lebanon that will provide a school for kids with special needs?

No, God does NOT NEED me.  I am humbled and honored that He has chosen me.  He is allowing us to be a small part of a great work He is accomplishing in Lebanon. In Acts 20:35 Christ said, "it is more blessed to give than receive."  When we take the time to look past our own wants, desires and perceived needs, and focus on others, we can more clearly see Christ.  On every mission trip I have been a part of, God has blessed me beyond words and given me another glimpse into his love and redemptive plan for the world.

My Pastor often says with every gift comes great responsibility.  With the gifts of my family, education, health, means for travel, and support of family and friends comes the responsibility to share all the blessings God has given us.  In this particular instance, with the gifts of special needs (Nathan and Owen) and typically developed (Logan) kids, an architect to design a school (Preston's education), an in-depth knowledge of equipment, daily life with our children, different therapy instructions, etc., we have the responsibility to share all we have with the world.

God does not need to use the mighty American.  Certainly, God has used many Americans to accomplish His work in the world.  But, God is no respecter of nationality.  God chooses to use people who are humbled before him for his service.

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  1. Thanks, Janelle.... You are always so well spoken but sprinkled with grace! I look forward to hearing about the work over there!