Monday, February 25, 2013

The auction is closed

Earlier today Preston posted this on Facebook.  I know many of you are not on Facebook so I wanted to repost it on the blog for you to see.

We knew that God had very clearly called us to participate in this project with our whole family. With that calling, their certainly came an expense to us, but we have seen Him provide in the face of such simple challenges before, and we trusted that He would do the same again.

We have never hesitated to ask people to support our mission efforts monetarily in the past, and we did so for this project as well. In so doing, we give people an opportunity to become part of the work. Honestly, we believe that it is a mistake to participate in mission work without giving people the opportunity to support it.

But, with the auction, we foresaw a different kind of partnership in the work. We feel that by participating in a real-life sale-type exercise that directly benefits the Lebanon project, there is an opportunity for people to see how their giving not only supports God's work in the world, but God also takes their giving and multiplies it in such a way that it directly benefits the giver. The purpose in giving is to know the joy of sacrificing for His sake. The blessing He gives in return is His way of helping us to trust Him in sacrifice.

Beyond this, the auction has created an opportunity for some friends who could not participate in direct monetary support to participate instead by giving a good or service.

We hope you are all blessed by this fun little opportunity to join us in this exciting project!

....back to Janelle

Our auction was a success!!  We raised $1573.50!  We really appreciate everyone's participation in the auction.  It was a lot of fun.  If there was an item on there that you were outbid on, please contact me. I can give you the information of the seller if you would like to contact them directly for additional items.

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