Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spasticity Clinic

This morning we arrived at Children's Hospital at 7:48 am (at least that is what the parking ticket said). We were there for Spasticity Clinic. Nathan and Owen were seen by a PT, their regular physiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon. I took the gait trainer with us, so the boys had a chance to walk around in our exam room and we played on the iPad until it ran out of battery.

Nathan: He will be having leg braces custom made for him on August 28th. There is still some discussion on if we want to Botox and serial cast Nathan or consider surgery. We will learn more about their recommendation in the next several days. There are pros and cons to both.

Owen: His baclofen dose was significantly increased. The goal is to get his left arm fully functional. Right now when he wants to reach for something his muscle tone kicks in and he is not able to grab. If the baclofen does not work Owen will have his arms Botoxed. This will be at Children's hospital because they would need to put Owen under anestesia. He will also be getting a wrist brace to help his hand relax.

Owen had his final measurements for his new chair.


Logan enjoyed a morning at home with DiDi!!! They had a great time together. This afternoon we rode scooters, wrote party Thank You notes, read more Chronicles of Narnia, and a baseball balloon game.

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