Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Filling all our extra time with FUN!!!!

With this being our last week before school starts we are filling it with as much fun as possible. So far this week we've been to speech therapy, occupational therapy and Nathan had a mapping appointment, which went well. We still have spasticity clinic tomorrow and more mapping Friday along with our first of three Homewood transition meetings. Friday I am told will just be signing millions of papers!

So, around these appointment we are getting in the fun!!!! Monday we played a lot outside with rockets, a boomerang, balloons, scooters, etc until the rain got us, also putting a damper on our swimming plans! Tuesday we were able to take a scooter/stroller ride to the park and play for a bit. It was overcast and only high 70's, so great weather! Late Tuesday morning, after OT, we headed to the pool. Logan practiced his swimming a lot and all three boys had a great time.

This morning after mapping we headed to the Gardendale Splash Pad. It was our first time there and all three boys loved it. We spent tons of time in the water, swings, and the playground in general. We had a picnic lunch and Logan even got a treat from the ice cream man. We met our friends, the Hays family, and the kids enjoyed playing together.

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