Saturday, August 4, 2012

Logan's 6th birthday party

 This morning we had an incredible party for one totally awesome kid!  We began with horse races, joust matches and a few other knight/princess activities.   I loved seeing some of the children dress up, just like we had planned.  After all the princess and knight games the kids also played on theplay ground and in the arcade area. We then finished with some yummy pizza, cake and ice cream.

Sir Owen and Mommy.
Sir Logan
Sir Logan helping Princess Caroline with her slippers.
Sir Cooper getting the ball with his sword.
Preston and Sir Logan teaching a game.
Sir Jonathan, Sir Logan and Sir Jay in a horse race.
Sir Jonathan is in the lead followed by Sir Logan.
The Princess and Queens getting ready for their race.
Princess Caroline is so far ahead you can't even see her.
Sir Uncle Philip being scared by the horse.
Sir Cooper and his horse ninja moves.
Sir Jay, Princess Kate and Sir Logan discussing their strategies.
Party fun!
Sir Jonathan with his horse and sword.
Queen Christina ready to joust Sir Jonathan.
And the friendly joust has finished.
Sir Cooper with his horse.

Sir Logan and his birthday cake.

Sir Logan and his friends waiting patiently for their cake.
Princess Gracie and Sir Logan.
Princess Claire Ellen and Princess Gracie.
Cake fun
Eating my yummy cake.

More eating of the yummy cake.
I made Nathan and Owen new banners from their gait trainersl
Princess Caroline and her horse.
Sir Jay and his horse.
All the horses lined up in the stable getting ready for the race.
Nathan loved running around with his horse.
Oma and Owen.
Sir Cooper
This was the incredibly yummy cake that Sarah made for us. 

Princess Kate and Princess Caroline on the playground.
Princess Claire Ellen and Princess Gracie playing in the arcade.
Sir Nathan after finishing lunch.

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