Friday, August 10, 2012

The transition has begun

Preston and I had our initial transition meeting from Early Intervention to Preschool. Nathan and Owen will begin Hall-Kent in mid-November. In this meeting we signed our official papers to allow the school to begin processing the boys. Hand-in-Hand our EI provider was at the meeting and was able to provide a lot of information and testing scores to the school. I am so glad we have an EI that is so on to of everything. We met the boys teacher and love her. We toured their classroom. It was incredible all the stations, toys, circle time mat, etc. and there is a playground just for preschool. Their class will have 15 students, 6 of whom are role models (typically developed). They also have two aids per class. Because of their birthday being late fall, Nathan and Owen will be in the preschool program for three years. The program is offered 7:30-1:30 five days a week. We will choose a schedule we feel is best for the boys. Our next meeting with the school is Sept 7.

Big thanks to Sarah for watching all the boys while we were at the meeting!

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