Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 55

Nathan and Owen continue to have fun with their Oma, Papa, Aunt Nae-Nae, and cousin Cooper. They are enjoying the high life in Destin, complete with dancing on the balcony.

Back on the home front, Logan enjoyed day 2 of zoo camp, then fishing and swimming with Caroline. (Thanks, Erin, for letting Logan play with Caroline after zoo camp this week.)

After I picked up Logan, he found a couple punch balls that he had gotten on the last day of school. I showed him how to do the punch balls, and he took one into the McDonald's Play Place, making a fun addition to his Happy Meal. The punch ball has complemented his boxing fascination well.

Logan and I are enjoying reading Chronicles of Narnia each evening. Tomorrow, we will finish The Magician's Nephew. Logan is really grasping the lessons of the story very well, which is really exciting to me.

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