Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do you know how to play UNO?

That was the question one boy asked me during Play Room time. Of course I know how to play UNO. I was glad UNO was selected because I really was unsure how to play the last game. We begin to play and next thing I know everyone has their hands raised and I am having to draw from the deck. You see everyone / raises their hands whenSoon after we were passing our cards to the person next to us. Apparently that is what you do on the O card. Just a few rounds later and everyone is slapping their hands on top if the deck. Why, you might wonder,well because you do that when you get a 9. A skip card does not really skip I you have one in your hand too. If anyone puts down any card and you have the match you can just put it down too. Besides the fact that I spent most of my time playing confused I had the best time playing with the boys and am looking forward to tomorrow.

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