Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Vacation day 54

We all had a good day today.

Oma and Papa are taking care of Nathan and Owen, down at the beach, and they are all clearly enjoying themselves.

Logan and I began our day at Waffle House, at his request. He ordered — and ate — TWO waffles! He then came to work with me for an hour, and greeted several of my coworkers with a right hook from his boxing glove. I then dropped him off at Zoo Camp. He had a great time there and playing with Caroline afterward.

I got the treat of actually talking to Janelle over a Skype audio call while I was driving to pick up Logan this afternoon, so that was very cool.

Logan's bedtime prayer: "Dear Lord, please bring my mom back to America; and I don't mean just North America, but the country.

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