Monday, July 16, 2012

Cambodia Day 1

Cambodia reminds me of China, Macau and the Dominican Republic all mixed in one.

Last night we got in about 11 pm and were picked up by our two friends Becki and Rachel. It was great to see familiar faces after such a long journey. On the way back to their house we drove down a road with lots of Beer Gardens. Sadly you could see all the women out front just waiting for a man or several men to choose to spend part of the evening alone with them. There are parts of town that are pretty shady during the day but almost all parts of town are at night. No respectable people go out after 8pm.

This morning we had a language lesson. I learned "hello, good-bye, what's your name, thank you, no problem, where I am from, I'm sorry and a few other phrases". Hannah and I have been working hard to learn the language.

This afternoon we went to the boys center and were able to learn a lot about the center and the children they ministers to. We also learned more detail the work we will be doing the rest of the week. I will be sitting in on an English class for boys ages 11-14. I will help the teacher find new and exciting ways to teach the material to the students along with encouraging her in the work she is already doing. In the afternoon I will take a journey out to Svay Pak. I am really looking forward to starting in the morning!!

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