Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Vacation Days 51-53

Those of you who read the blog are used to the masterful authorship of my beautiful wife, but with her current Great Commission journey, I will do my very best to let you know what's up with our boys.

Friday, I dropped of Janelle at the airport, then returned home to get the boys ready. Thanks to Janelle's parents, who had stayed the night, this was not too tough! It was Logan's last day of Music Camp at Dawson, and Janelle's mom dropped him off while our friend Cheryl watched N & O.

(I tracked Janelle's flight to Phoenix through the morning on FlightView, and texted her as soon as she landed.)

While I was at work, I decided on a whim that I would take the boys up to Huntsville to visit my brother, Brian, my sister-in-law, Jenny, and my nephew, Evan. We wouldn't leave until after Logan's recital, which was a blast: 150 kids who had all spent a week learning an instrument — most for the first time!

After the recital, there was pizza, then I fed Nathan and Owen minestrone soup at home. We left for a late drive to Huntsville.

Saturday morning, I spoke some to Janelle before her flight to Seattle. Then, my brother and I began a epic day of just hanging around the house, including playing in the backyard, eating pancakes, watching Return of the Jedi, getting treats from the ice cream man, eating a great salmon dinner cooked by Jenny, and just having lots of uncle time.

Logan and I both talked to Janelle before her flight left Seattle for Seoul. She texted me at 3:30 AM to let me know that flight had arrived.

Sunday morning, we got up, got ready, and went to Trinity, where Brian and Jenny. The sermon was focused on the joyous dance of obeying the Great Commission, and wonderfully appropriately, Janelle texted me in the middle of the sermon to let me know she had arrived in Phnom Penh!

One funny random side note: Logan became attached to Evan's boxing glove. He's developed a funny attraction to boxing in the last couple weeks. Anyway, he slept in the boxing glove and Evan just gave it to him. Logan even asked Sunday if he could go shirtless (like a boxer) and wear the glove into church.

After church, we said bye to B, J & E, then headed back to the 'Ham. On the way, I got a Hardee's burger and Logan got a Red Burrito cheese quesadilla. Unfortunately for N & O, the had to wait 'til we got home to eat, but that was okay because they had eaten a big breakfast.

When we got home, Janelle's parents came to pick N & O up to take them down to the beach this week. Logan and I then went to Homewood Park and the pool for a couple hours before coming home to a pathetic Daddy-made dinner of sandwiches and left-over veggies.

I read a chapter in Chronicles of Narnia to him before he went to bed. He's enjoying that, and I am musing myself trying to do British accents.

Well, gotta sign off, because I'm taking Logan to Waffle House in the morning, at his very random request.

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