Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 3 in Cambodia

We are starting to get a routine down. This morning our tuk-tuk driver met us outside our guest house and took us to the boys center (without any help). English classes were good today and we had an extra hour to talk with the teachers after class. It was great really getting to know my friend I am spending two hours with every morning and also to learn more about Kemir cultural in general. Hannah and I took our teachers out to lunch and it was really fun to see pictures of their kids and just make a deeper friendship with them.

This afternoon we were in charge of Kid's Club at the park. We gather kids who are hanging around the park, mostly because their parents sell food at the park or they may be there to beg, and bring them all to a very large concrete gazebo. We then play with them for about 45 minutes (jump rope, bad mitten, puzzles, etc). After we taught them a song, "love the Lord your God" complete with hand motions. They were really getting in to the song. Next they sang a song to us they all knew complete with hand motions. It was so amazing. It is so neat to think that God knows all the languages of the world. After we ready Luke 10:25-37 and did a skit on the story of the Good Samaritan. After the skit I explained to the kids the story and how God wants us to love Him and love our neighbors. We then collides a sheet I had made of the Good Samaritan with Kemir on it. We then brought shirts for all if them and puffy paint to decorate the shirt. Some of them don't have shirts so hopefully this meets a physical need for them. After decorating it was snack time and then we walked them back to their families. It was an incredible time and I loved playing with all the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces.

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