Thursday, July 19, 2012

Change of Plans

In the past few months Cambodia had an outbreak of Hand-Foot-Mouth which turned into EV41. Doctors were mistreating kids and about 40 died within 24 hours. Just yesterday a few reports in Thailand began surfacing and news of the Cambodian deaths in earlier months hit the city. All kindergarten and elementary schools closed. Right now reports are that schools will remained closed until October (the beginning of a new school year).

We arrived at the boys center today ready with our materials for devotional and to lead Kid's Club. When we arrived we learned that instead of working in our English classes we would be going to the children's homes giving them soap and a wash cloth and telling the parents about the disease and ways to prevent getting it. It was very enlightening to see each child's home and meet the parents of the kids that we have so quickly grown to love. After visits we did the same thing in the park, teaching the kids about hygiene and giving them soap and a wash cloth. We also had the opportunity to walk them home.

I was so proud of our little group of 4. We did lunch totally on our own today. We had a wonderful dinner tonight and spent some time sharing about our day.

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  1. Love reading your updates. So proud of you and all that God is doing!