Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 26

This morning Logan started art camp. He had a great time and is looking forward to tomorrow. He will be switching to a different location tomorrow. There are lots of kids his age at the new location. He was the only young one today so we all thought he would have more fun being with kids his own age. It is hard to believe he is old enough to be dropped off for camp.

Nathan and Owen worked really hard while Logan was gone. Nathan walked the entire loop of the house in his walker and Owen spent some time in his gait trainer and we also worked on trying to do some standing. We also read some books, sang songs and worked on self feeding.

While Nathan and Owen were napping I got out the slip n slide for Logan. He had a great time. We turned the hose up and had a really big water spray.

After the nap we all colored and played together. Logan is working really hard on a surprise project for one of his former teachers. When he gets finished I will be sure to post it.

Tonight we had a great time having dinner with our friends Kristin and Brandon and their daughter, Harper. Harper is only 15 months old and loved Logan. She followed Logan around and he loved it.

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