Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 27

Tonight we had a wonderful skype conversation with our good friends. We love hearing how God is working in their adoption process. Such a blessing.

This morning Logan went to Art Camp and Nathan and Owen had PT and OT at Hand in Hand. Nathan got his new arm splint and it fits him really well. He also did a lot of really good walking in the walker. Owen had a really fun time working on balance.

This afternoon we headed to the pool (well actually two). We got to the pool at 3:30 and they were closing for a swim meet at 4. We stayed there dolor 30 minutes and the headed to the other Homewood pool for another hour. All three boys have so much fun in the water.

Tonight we had dinner at Slice. A pizza place in the Lakeview District. 10% of all proceeds went to support UCP. The pizza was delicious but we really enjoyed the chance to catch up with one of the boys therapist who they are no longer seeing.

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