Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 22

Thursday morning Logan's friends Raegan and Lily Kate came to play for a few hours. We walked to the park, had pizza for lunch (even better dominos is doing 1/2 off all online orders this week), Lily Kate read books to Nathan and Owen and we played restaurant. Nathan and Owen loved going through the drive thru. We had such fun together.

In the afternoon I went to the podiatrist and got a shot in my foot. He told me the other ankle has tendinitis and just to put on an ankle brace when I run and take some aleve for a week. So, I'll run to the store later and get everything.

Preston was doing drum major tutoring so for something fun we ate dinner while watching a movie. Logan picked Polar Express. It was pretty cute to see Nathan watch the movie. He really seems to think he is really involved. When the train was going really fast he grabbed on to tightly to his tray.

Logan was missing Preston since he did not get home until after 8. He asked me when it was my turn to go to work and Daddy stated home with him. I told him Daddy is the one with a job designing buildings and my job is to take care of him and brothers. We did decided that when Preston gets off if work at lunch on Friday just he and Logan are going to spend the afternoon together. Logan has decided they will be heading to the pool! I am so glad Preston is such a great father and Logan loves him so much!

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