Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 21

This morning we went to the Hoover Library to watch story telling through giant puppets. It was a good production and the theater was completely packed. Our friend Melissa and her two kids met us there. We plan to go back in a few weeks to see "Pete the Cat". I just read this book to the boys a few weeks ago an they loved it.

This afternoon we had seating clinic at our house. Kristi the boys PT, Billy from CRS and Brian from National Seating spent a couple hours discussing different equipment needs each boy will have over the next few years. We are getting everything in place for when they start school and of course meeting their needs now too. Kristi is working on some special inserts for the stroller that will allow them to have better sitting position. We also discussed Nathan returning to limb deficiency clinic in a few weeks to get an x-ray on his elbow and a prescription for Botox on his legs. By going through this clinic CRS will pick up the remainder of the bill for the Botox after Blue Cross pays (which is a couple hundred dollars).

Late afternoon all the boys enjoyed sitting in the living room and playing with different toys. Logan also tried kool-aid (crystal light) for the first time. Up until now he has just been a milk and water boy. Logan was doing a great job of making Owen laugh this evening. I love how much all three boys love each other.

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