Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 23

This morning we had a quiet morning at home. I worked a lot on standing and walking with the boys. Nathan did a great job in his walker. We are working about 20 minutes a day right now. He gets really tired after 20 minutes. Owen is doing really well in his gait trainer. He is happily walking about 45 minutes.

We all had lunch at McDonald's (Logan's choice) and then he and Preston went to the pool for 4 1/2 hours. They both had a great time and Logan did some new adventurous things like jumping in the 8', doing cannon balls, blowing bubbles out his nose and going under water. Of course I could not forget he did the nestea plunge. (He is really into the nestea plunge right now.)

While they were at the pool Nathan and Owen took good naps and then we read books and played with toys. All of us especially like Big Red Barn because we have so many little animal figures and I bring them out to make the book more interesting. Owen also really enjoyed playing on the iPad. Nathan did really well playing with the drums with both hands. We work a lot on getting him interested in using his right side.

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