Sunday, December 18, 2011

Three Wise Boys

My children are always teaching me so much. In the past few days I have learned a lesson from all of them.

Logan: excited to be a cow. His Christmas pageant at school is Monday. At first he was a Shepherd. I thought that was a pretty good role, somewhere in the middle of who he could be. Not a Joseph or Wise Man but better than an animal. So on Thursday Logan came home from school very excited that he was now going to be a Cow. A Cow, great I thought. He must have done something bad in class and is now demoted to a Cow. On Friday I chaperoned his field trip to a retirement facility where they performed their play. I found out that another little boy was having a very difficult day and really did not want to be a cow, so Logan graciously traded with him. Wow, that changed my attitude about the cow. Here I was wanting Logan to have a good part and Logan was more interested in helping a friend than if he had a good "part" in the play. It made me realize God wants us to be cows: helping others in need is more important than our own status.

Nathan: only received the memo of Joy. Yesterday we had our family Christmas with Preston's Mom, Steop-Dad, Brother, his Wife and Son. We all had a wonderful time eating lots of yummy food and playing dirty Santa. When Nathan woke up from his nap he played and played in the tissue paper. He had the best time. Photos will come soon. I mentioned this little boy only received the memo from God to have joy. When I made that comment it really struck me that Nathan does only have joy in the midst of what so many people would feel is hard times. He teaches me every day how to find joy in a situations. God pours out His joy a little on us each day through this tough precious boy.

Owen: never give up. Owen is such a hard worker. He just keeps going and going. For a while it did not look like he was making much progress but over the last several weeks, WOW!! He is now walking well in his gait trainer, sitting up (for about 10 seconds) unassisted, eating crackers and giving the most precious smiles. He is where he is because he works very hard. He has taught me that we can never give up when we aren't seeing many results. We must just keep working hard and over time we will achieve.

Mia: God has taught me so much about Himself, His Peace that surpasses all understanding and so many other things. I am a much better person, in Him, because of her amazing life. I will blog more on that later.

Thank you God for my wonderful three children and the ways you use them to teach me more about you. I am truly blessed by all four of my babies.

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  1. thanks for the reminders from your precious children! you will never forget the year Logan was a cow and how proud you were of him for it!