Saturday, December 17, 2011

Medical Update

From time to time I post a medical update on the boys. I will have another update after their 2 yr old check-up this Thursday. Yes, they turned 2 back in November but I had to keep rescheduling because of therapy appointments. It is sad when you have to change one medical appointment for another over and over.

The boys had their yearly Occupational Therapy review. They scored at 15 months. This is great considering their corrected age is only 18 months and at this time they were not even out of the hospital because they could not survive on their own. They are making great progress!!! God is so faithful working in them.

Nathan is working on pulling himself up. He loves it and will do it over and over again. Right now he still needs some assistance to stand but did stand for a few seconds on his own with his therapist, Kristi, on Tuesday. His hamstrings are pretty tight right now. We will be botoxing them in February which should make standing much easier for him. Right now the hamstrings are really pulling hard against his legs. Nathan was scheduled for another eye surgery before he received his cochlear implants. Because the implant surgery was able to move ahead so quickly we rescheduled the eye surgery. We went to the eye doctor Thursday for him to remeasure his eyes for the surgery. After a very thorough examination the eye doctor decided his eyes are actually looking better on their own. He canceled the surgery and does not need to see us back for 6 months!!! Nathan is doing even better than expected with his cochlear implant. The mapping process has gone extremely well and he has reached his final setting.

Owen is getting very close to sitting up. He can hold it for several seconds but will loose his balance a lot. He is jabbering all the time. Lots and lots of new sounds. He is starting to say ball and bee (though there is only a little difference). He is so proud that he can say Owen (and so are we). He continues to walk more and more in his gait trainer. I don't have any medical updates for Owen like I do Nathan because Owen is not working on as much stuff right now.

All three of my boys are such a joy. I love them!!

Coming Soon: Lessons from Logan: Be excited to be a cow.

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