Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Weekend

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Preston was off work on Friday, so we spent the morning taking in some of God's beauty at Ruffner Mountain. Though I have been in Birmingham since 1993 I had never gone. Ruffner Mountain is a large mountain very near downtown Birmingham filled with miles of hiking trails, including one that overlooks downtown Birmingham. All of us had a great time on our hike. Logan especially loved it, wanting us to take pictures of him in front of lots of different trees, reading the map, finding the old query, and singing songs with Preston. Nathan and Owen love being outdoors too and enjoyed their ride on us. One thing we are going to get them before our next trip out is carriers that go on our backs. The bjorns are just too small for those big boys.Overlooking Birmingham at the outlook.On Christmas Eve we had the pleasure of spending lots of time with DiDi and Big House. Big House had double knee replacement surgery and was recovering / receiving therapy at Lakeshore. In the late afternoon the kids and I came back home while Preston went out to get his Grandmommy and Mr E and brought them to Lakeshore to see Big House. I met them back up there later in the evening so Grandmommy and Mr E could visit with our kids. Once we got home Logan made cookies for Santa and headed off to bed.Santa at most of the milk and cookies we set out for him.
Christmas morning CiCi and PawPaw Bill came over to enjoy a big pancake breakfast and to watch the boys open their gifts.

After all the gifts were opened we went to church. Nathan and Owen enjoyed sitting in their new stroller during the service.

After the service was complete we headed to Changed Lives Christian Center and ate Christmas lunch with the homeless men living there. This is always a highlight of our Christmas day!! We are always glad CiCi and PawPaw Bill join us for this special time.

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