Sunday, August 30, 2009

The German Restaurant

A few weeks ago a friend who is studying at a local university mentioned he heard of a restaurant with a buffet for a great deal. He suggested we all go one day, so we thought this afternoon was the perfect day to go. Preston and I did not know the name of the restaurant, but soon we pulled up outside a German restaurant. We were very excited as we had been wanting to try this restaurant since first seeing it a few weeks ago. When we sat down waiters began bringing us all different kinds of meat (sausages, chicken, fish, beef tongue, etc). Several of the sausages were very good. We were then shown the buffet where we could get any kind of salad, veggie, soup, fruit or dessert. The thing that was funny to me about the buffet was that it was almost ALL asian food. The food was all good. Logan was able to get some pizza at the pizza station and we were all able to get ice cream. You just got whatever flavor they were serving up at the time. I was not too sure what flavor mine was but I decided it was egg nog mixed with berry. It really wasn't bad and Logan enjoyed it too. We had a great trip to the restaurant and figure we will plan to go back again soon. We also thought this might be a fun spot to bring friends who are starting to get tired of just chinese food while they are here. Oh, yes and did I mention our dinner was 70 RMB total, which equals about $10.50. Just can't beat the food prices here in China!

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  1. Hello there!

    I just found your blog here and LOVE reading it. Thinking about you guys a lot, especially you with your three little ones on the way! So glad to read the updates and hear how things are going.

    Jessie Garnett