Friday, August 28, 2009

Baking, part 1 "The Preparations"

Today Logan and I decided we would bake some goodies. We have a cookbook here that was put together by our team, so we thought it must be easy to get the ingredients for these items. Logan hopped in the stroller and we were off to the store. After spending about an hour at the store we were able to find some of the ingredients, but we were still missing vanilla, cinnamon and blueberries (or any berry to make muffins). We did find vanilla and cinnamon at the local import store, but are still in need of berries. Here are some photos of Logan helping me with all the cooking.
Here is the small bottle of vanilla we were able to find. It only cost about $7 US dollars.Logan is helping to measure all our ingredients.
Here is Logan using the hand mixer, all by himself. Not to worry my hands are less than a few inches away.Logan helped clean up our mess while our banana bread was cooking in the oven.

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