Saturday, October 11, 2014

11 years later...

In October of 2003, Preston and I participated in our first mission trip.  We went to Ecuador to help construct pastor cabins at a camp missionaries Steve and Carol were beginning to make a reality.  We loved missions, Ecuador, the Thompson's etc and new God was calling us to go back.  We returned in April of 2004.

Since that time God has lead us down different paths.  Trips to Dominican Republic, Honduras, Germany, China, Liberia, Cambodia, Lebanon and Ukraine have all shown us a glimps of God's love for His entire world.

In 2006 God gave us a vision for using Preston's profession in a way that directly praised Him through vocational work in a mission setting.  Now, 8 years, 4 kids and a lifetime of change and growth (or so it seems) later God is using Preston's job at Samford to fulfill the vision.  Senior thesis will travel twice to Ecuador; once to see the sight and pre-design and once to construct the finish project.  Our family will spend one month this summer in Ecuador participating alongside the students in constructing their project.  I am so excited that Preston is there now getting everything set for the upcoming travel year!

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