Friday, July 18, 2014

While we wait

We are now in the waiting process of our adoption.  We are making the most of our days here.  Preston is working 9+ hours a day, but has it arranged so we spend some good family time in the mornings together and then some good family time in the evenings together.  Here are some pictures of our activities yesterday.

There is a really big store about 5 blocks away that we call Sam's.  Of course that is not the real name, but it reminds us of Sam's at home.  They have a play place in the upstairs area by the restaurants.  We went there yesterday and played for about an hour.

 Logan doing some flips on the rings.  He is ready for gymnastics when we come home!

 Owen was attracting all the girls.  He is such a little flirt.

 Here is a picture of Sam's from the restaurants upstairs.  And here is another of us in the restaurant.
 The roads here are crazy.  Here are some photos of the good roads in town.  You should see the roads between here and Kiliya.


Every day a tractor comes and picks up these tanks of Kvas.  It is a drink sold on the street that is a tart carbonated beverage back from the soviet era.  I have not tried any yet.

 Logan always enjoys having his photo with all the statues.

This is our bus station where we catch the bus every day from Izmail to Kiliya.  The station has closed for the evening so all the busses are at home with their owners.
 Logan enjoyed another play place in the town square last night.

 Nathan and Owen enjoyed ice cream while Logan played.

 Here are some photos of our apartment.  Living in Ukraine for the summer is good for the imagination.
                                     This is our main room.  It is also good for...
a playroom...
 an office...
                                 a living room...
Logan does his "school work"...reading, math, English and science and Preston and I also sleep in it at night.
Here is our kitchen and laundry room
 along with my workout area every morning.
 This is the boys movie area and bed for all three.  We put suitcases on both sides of the bed so it goes from wall to wall.  They don't sleep on the suitcases but it keeps them from falling out.

 Here is our dryer.  Ukraine has a wonderful breeze, everywhere.  It is so pleasant.
 Logan used his imagination to make a double bladed lightsaber.

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