Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beach time Saturday

We declared Saturdays to be beach days!  This morning everyone got ready and we headed out.  The first time we opened the door it was raining.  We only had to wait about 20 minutes to try again.  It ended up being a beautiful day.  The beach is about a 45 minute walk away from our apartment.

On the way we found a huge snail.  It is about the size of my finger.  As we passed the same area on the way home the snail was trying to cross the street. Logan picked it up and carried it safely to the other side. We were surprised it had made it about half way across on its own without being killed. On the way home we found a different area filled with about 25 huge snails.

All the boys had a great time at the beach.  They all loved the water. We were careful not to get any water in the boys ears.  We also spent lots of time playing in the sand.

Our sand sculptures.
Logan enjoyed playing on the high bars at the playground.
Logan free jumping down from the high bar.

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